Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kindle 3G Review

Kindle 3G:

I finally took the plunge and bought an eReader after lots of debating eReader or Tablet...

How did I come to decide on the Kindle?
·        The battery life on an eReader such as the Kindle is significantly higher, up to 30 days. The average battery life on a tablet is 4 hours.
·        PDF reader functionality; The Kindle offers a PDF reader, which I did not know it possessed. (PDF reader was extremely important to me.)
·        Price: Kindle $139 or $189 verses iPad minimum of $450.00
·        Amazon customer service has always been on point and eBooks looked to be cheaper at Amazon than Barnes and Nobles.
·        Barnes and Noble is in serious financial trouble so I was not willing to purchase a Nook only for B&N to go out of business and there goes your source of books and support and you then have a $200.00 paperweight.
·        The Kindle is extremely lightweight and easy to handle. A tablet is considerably heavier.
·        Every person that I talked to that owns a Kindle rants and raves about theirs and how much they love it. Reviews from actual users are the best kind of review and will give you a true picture of the product.
·        Amazon sync’s your kindle to your other electronic devices such as your smart phone. So if I want to continue reading on my phone I can pick up right where I left off.

So how do I like my Kindle so far? I LOVE it! I have easily adapted to reading on an electronic device and find I actually prefer it. I can still curl up on the couch to read so you still have that comfort level. The page on the screen looks exactly like it would on paper as far as font to background contrast. There is no screen glare to hurt your eyes and you can read with one hand and turn pages with a click of a button.

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