Saturday, March 12, 2011

J.R. Ward - Lover Awakened

Black Dagger Brotherhood:

Book 3:
Lover Awakened: Zsadist and Bella

Zsadist is a scared soul with a scared body and face to match, stolen as a baby he ends up being bound as a blood slave, tortured in every way imaginable for 100 years!  After 100 years of torture Zsadist has little hope that he will ever find any measure of happiness and his twin Phury is starting to feel the same way.  He is a loose canyon that the Brothers live in constant fear that one day soon he may do something unforgivable.  Bella is a female vampire who is taken captive by a Lesser. When Zsadist finds her, he brings her back to the Brotherhood compound.  Bella see’s something in Zsadist that no one else, including Zsadist sees.  She relentlessly pursues him, which concerns the hell out of the Brotherhood, Zsadist and especially Phury who has of all things developed feelings for Bella.

I love how Zsadist character is written; he is one of my favorite male leads in this genre! You can sense where his mind is, from his struggle to deal with the torture he experienced to his feelings for Bella.  When Bella is taken, Zsadist is out of his head with worry and rage only a single goal in mind - to find her and get her back! Bella has so much compassion and patience with Zsadist even as he pushes her away again and again; she just knows he’s the one for her.  There is a scene in this book that could quite possibly be my favorite scene of ALL time of all books, in all genres. Twins connected by blood and a new found love for the same woman, this is a love triangle that will have you turning the page all night!  

5 moons out of 5

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