Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Review: Anya Bast - Dark Enchantment

Dark Magick:

Book 3:
Dark Enchantment: Kieran and Charlotte Bennett

Charlotte was raised by her father to hate all fae. He always told her that the fae were hideous monsters and gave such horrific descriptions to her as a small child she suffered intense nightmares throughout her childhood and affected her as an adult. After an intense erotic dream one night with a gorgeous dream man, Charlotte goes to work like every other day, only suddenly she hears a voice in her compelling her to go to Piefferburg. Piefferburg is the absolute last place on earth as the home to all the monstrous fae. Charlotte fights against the voice to go but the compulsion is too strong and she gets on a plane and arrives at Piefferburg, pissed that her will was taken! Kieran is not happy that he had to use his compulsion of this human, as a love cursed man, he was never going to use the magick to bond a woman to him, but he had little choice. Charlotte has information locked in her maternal line that the Fae needs to obtain the last piece of the bosca fadbh.  When Charlotte arrives and promptly punches him in the jaw he is grudgingly impressed and more attracted to her than he wished since he is going to be spending a lot of time with her until the bond runs its course. Charlotte finds out that she has the information to help the fae out of their “jail” but growing up with her father and his hatred she is not sure she wants to help out the fae but she has little choice.  Kieran sets out to show Charlotte that the fae are not as bad as she has been imagining, but after several attempts on her life he is not sure that is possible. Despite herself Charlotte finds herself softening towards the fae and once Kieran works his Dream Wraith Magick on her she finds herself sympathetic to the fae cause and wanting to help them out by letting them into her brain.  As Charlotte and Kieran are hiding out they get closer and closer, but if they fall in love neither will survive to have their happily ever after…

This is the third installment in the Dark Magick series and it does not let you down, it follows perfectly in the footsteps of the first two books. It picks up shortly after the second book has left off in the hunt for the third piece of the bosca fadbh, if they can find it they are all the closer to lifting the warding around Piefferburg. Charlotte carries the link to finding the piece buried deep within her ancestral memories, which is why Kieran lures her to Piefferburg. Charlotte is surprisingly sassy! As an accountant who has lived a very directed and sheltered life due to her overbearing father, the last thing you expect from her is a fiery spirit, but she has it! And boy does it come out. One of the first things she does when she meets Kieran is to full out punch him in the face. You go girl! She packs a punch as well. After several attempts on her life she never breaks down and snivels but keeps on trucking, she is made of stronger stuff. Kieran is drool worthy! A handsome, strong, very powerful Unseelie, who can kill with his mind or make you have the most erotic dream you’ve ever imagined, it’s quite to potent combo. He can enter my dreams anytime. He fights his feelings for Charlotte because his and her very lives depend on him not falling in love but some things are just too powerful to resist. As with A. Bast’s previous novels there is plenty of action in this novel as well. There are twists, turns and obstacles on the way to Charlottes and Kieran’s HEA! You will not be disappointed or bored!

What I do not like about this novel: This is the only reason I am giving this review a 4 instead of 5 moon rating, is because of romance novel clichés. It seems like every author succumbs to a cliché a time or two and it didn’t really affect the story all that much but I saw them coming and were no surprise. I wont reveal what I thought the cliché was so not to cloud any enjoyment. 

And as a quick random unrelated note: The covers of this series are awesome! There are so many crappy romance novel covers, so I'd just like to applaud Anya Bast's taste in cover art

4 moons out of 5

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