Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Review: Alyssa Day - Atlantis Rising

Warriors of Poseidon:
Book 1:
Atlantis Rising: High Prince Conlan and Riley Dawson
In the great cataclysm over 11,000 years ago Atlantis sank into the ocean where it has remained and thrived ever since. The Warriors of Poseidon are sworn to protect the royal family as well as all humanity. Since the Vampires and the Shape Shifter revealed themselves almost a decade ago that task has become all that much harder. Conlan is the current high priest of Atlantis; seven years ago he was captured by the goddess of death and was continually tortured for the next seven years when she suddenly just let him go. Conlan is sure he may never be whole again in mind, body and spirit. Upon his return it is discovered that Poseidon’s Trident has been stolen. Riley is a social worker and most days she is losing the battle and today is a prime example of that. She is trying to talk her young expecting mother client down from killing her boyfriend when everything goes wrong and the boyfriend almost kills Riley and would have succeeded if the young girl hadn’t pulled her own trigger killing the boy. This is the 8th crime scene Riley has been in the middle of in a year. Not sure how more she can take she goes to the beach, where the water has always calmed her, only to be threaten by some drunk men. Conlan is breaking the surface of the water when he feels Riley in his head and her emotions are projected to him. Feeling Riley with everything in his being he sets out to protect her and is enchanted by the courage and capacity for forgiveness as well as compassion for man. Riley is not sure who this man is, but he just saved her from a fate she didn’t even want to contemplate and strangely she can hear his thoughts and see into his heart and knows he is honorable. Riley and Conlan have an intense and instant attraction and both know that they can’t let the other go… But, Conlan and Riley are in constant danger and if they even make it through all the threats there is still the problem of Conlan being betrothed to some unknown lady back on Atlantis.
This is a great start to this series. The concept of Atlantis although is not new, is presented in a new and intriguing way. Each of the warriors will quickly endear themselves to the reader; each has their own strong personality. Riley is such a compassionate young woman, I have a soft spot for social workers as my best friend is one. It is a hard thankless job and fight a losing battle every day.  Her capacity to keep on giving first to her young clients and then to the warriors is something to envy. She would gladly give life to save someone elses.  She is also perfect for Conlan, especially after his torture, she is able to calm his soul and make him feel whole again after he thought that may never happen again. He felt broken before Riley but with her she fills in the cracks of his soul. Conlan is a proud, brave, strong, slightly broken warrior. He is not sure if he has what it takes to be the king of Atlantis but he will certainly try to do the best by his people, but no one comes before Riley. His intensity of feeling for Riley is amazing! He would do anything for this woman even if it means giving up his own life. There is plenty of action and magic to keep even the most ADD reader entertained throughout the whole movie. In no time you will be addicted to this series and eagerly moving on to the next tale.

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