Friday, June 24, 2011

Review: Alexis Morgan - Bound by Darkness

Paladins Series:
Book 7:
Bound by Darkness: Larem q’Jones and Sasha Willis
As a Kalith warrior stuck in Seattle, Larem knows he is allowed in Paladins headquarters due to Devlin. He has friends among the Paladins, but is still not accepted by many. He is on the outside looking in. Sasha is determined to become the first woman Regent; she has been assigned to Seattle to clean up her predecessors’ colossal mess. When she arrives she is determined to make the lives of the Paladins better and to rid the Seattle’s headquarters of the three pet “Others” that are among the Paladins. When Sasha first meets Larem she is immediately drawn to him, but has no idea that he is one of the Kalith. The other Kalith ask Larem to take advantage of Sasha’s ignorance and to befriend her as a man and not as a Kalith. Larem agrees to the tactic and quickly realizes that this could potentially blow up in his face, he cares about Sasha, too much. Sasha, finds herself thinking of Larem more then she should and when she is trapped in the tunnels when the barrier goes down, only Larem is available to save her, she then realizes that he is one of the pet “Others”, but now that doesn’t matter as much as it should. As there are attempts on Sasha’s life her and Larem become closer as he risks his own life for hers.
I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would. In previous books I didn’t have much of a handle on Larem, so I wasn’t all that attached to him, he just seemed so sullen. But in this book you see a whole other side to him and makes you like him all that much more. Now I do have to admit that it had been so long that I had read all the other Paladin books that I forgot a big chunk of what had happened previously and who was who, so there were parts that had me a bit confused. I liked that Larem was trying to make the best of his circumstances, it was not his choice to come over to this world but he was making the best of his situation. I really liked his kindness towards animals, especially Chance. Sasha is the kind of female lead that I like, sassy, feisty and does not let an alpha male bulldoze over her. She can hold her ground and stand up overbearing men, but I especially liked her compassion. She understood what so many of the Regents never understood that these Paladins put their lives and their sanity on the line for human every day. Her predecessors treated them barely better then animals and she set out to change that in Seattle.  There was not a whole lot of action in this book, but there was a lot of emotional conflict in this book, so it was never boring. It was a solid read, enjoyable and a quick read.

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