Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Review: Chloe Neill - Friday Night Bites

Chicagoland Vampires:
Book 2:
Friday Night Bites: Merit
Merit is finally settling a little into her new role as Sentinel of the Cadogan House, until Ethan throws her to the wolves or should I say to her father. In order to find out if her childhood friend is reporting on some very potentially damaging news to the vampire community, Merit has to reenter the world she left years ago. The world of high society the world in which her father reigns supreme. Tensions run high throughout this novel on all fronts.
This is not my favorite of this series; quite frankly Merit is a pretty big brat throughout this book. She feels pulled in many different directions and doesn’t handle it very well. She is *itchy to Ethan, Morgan, Catcher and most especially Mallory which is the most heartbreaking. Mallory is also having a hard time with all of her changes and Merit just does not support her the way Mallory supported Merit through her change. **Boo** We get to learn more about shifters which I did really enjoy. I do enjoy the shifters! Despite Merit being a brat this is still a good read, it moves quickly and has plenty of action to keep your attention. All of your favorites all still appear in this installment so if you had a favorite from the first book, never fear you’ll get to see them again!

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