Sunday, August 28, 2011

Review: Nalini Singh - Play of Passion

Psy-Changling Series:
Book 9:
Play of Passion: Andrew Kincaid and Indigo Riviere
Drew is SnowDancers Tracker, it is up to him to rein in the packs changelings that have lost control of their animal half, it’s not a job he wanted, but is the best qualified for. This job leaves him outside of the pack hierarchy and his dominance unclear. For Indigo dominance and hierarchy are very important, as one of the highest ranking Lieutenant’s in the pack and one of the most dominate wolves she has grown up knowing finding a mate would be a problem. She has seen first had the problems when a more dominate female takes a less dominate male as a mate, and it is not pretty. Drew doesn’t care about dominance he just knows he wants Indy and always has. He just never realized how stubborn and caught up she would be regarding his age, hierarchy and dominance.  It’s a good thing he has charm and straight up determination in his corner, because he’ll need both to win Indigo.
I really loved Drew! He is one of my favorites, he is quick to laugh and one of the most loved of the pack and I can tell why. He genuinely cares about each person in his pack and it comes through. Indigo I had mixed feelings about, I love that she is a strong, independent, and kick ass female. However, she would complain about how she needed a dominate male, more so then her, but when Drew stepped up his dominance she would be really angry about it. It made me pause and go do you want a dominate, sexy male or not? However, the whole who is more dominate clash of wills was very entertaining and made for an invigorating read. I really enjoyed this book; it’s not in my top three of this series but its damn close!

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  1. hey!! thanks for stopping by! I know that part about Indy confused me as well. I guess Drew in her mind wasn't dominant enough so he shouldn't act more dominant than her?

    And yes read the Nightwalkers!! It's so good. I've heard mixed things about her other series so I'm scared to read them.

    Ning @ Reading by Kindle Fire