Monday, November 28, 2011

Review: Suzanne Collins – Hunger Games Trilogy

Hunger Games Trilogy:
Book 1 - Hunger Games
Book 2 - Catching Fire
Books 3 - Mockingjay
Why you should read this series:
These books contain: fights to the death, survival, revolution, betrayal and characters you will fall in love with.
The books are from a young woman Catness Everdeens point of view. She is a 16 year girl who is just trying to survive as well as support her family as a resident of district 12.  Life in District 12 is harsh to say the least, people die every day due to starvation, the men are killed in the mines due to cave ins, there are few options to earn a living.  Catniss is the head of her household, after her fathers death she became the person to make sure they had enough to eat, at one point they almost starved to death. Out of shear desperation had Catniss decided to risk punishment to hunt for her family’s food.  Here is where she met Gale, another child whose family relies on him to bring food to the table.  Throughout the years as their friendship grew so did their hunting skills, until Catniss was an expert with a bow and arrow and Gale could trap just about anything. These skills are what kept their families alive.
 Panem is now what used to be the United States has been sectioned off into 12 districts and the Capitol.  At one time the Districts tried to rebel against the Capitol and as a “remembrance” each year each district must send 1 boy and 1 girl between the ages of 12 and 18 into the Hunger Games as a Tribute.  24 kids enter the arena and only one kid walks out. The “winner” of the Hunger Games gets to enjoy a life of leisure in their district. This year is the first year that Catniss sister is up for tribute…
This series will follow Catniss and crew through the times frame of about a year, each book is exciting and fresh. The first book actually reminded me a bit of “Lord of the Flies” that most of us had to read at some point during our schooling. You are snared within the first few pages of the Hunger Games, from then on your nose is stuck in that book barely coming up for air and any interruption is not welcome.   I’m not usually one for Young Adult books, but these books fit easily as a good adult read, these kids grow up so fast to survive it is very easy to forget that their ages range from 12-18. I think a few times I wanted to yell but she’s only 16! Or she’s only 12! You grow so attached to each character.  It’s a good thing all of the books are already out for your reading pleasure because once you start you will not be able to stop. If you are a Kindle owner I purchased the Trilogy for about $17.00 for all three books. That’s a smoking deal! And if you hurry you can have them finished by the time the movie releases in March even if you are a slow reader.  (Which I CANNOT wait for!)
All three books get a 5 moon rating.
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