Monday, January 23, 2012

Review: Nalini Singh - Archangels Consort

Guild Hunters Series:

Book 3:

Archangels Consort: Elena Deveraux and Archangel Raphael


Raphael, Elena, members of Raphael’s Seven and the other members of the Cadre have just faced off with the powerful yet crazy Lijuan, in her territory of the Far East.  Her entire territory is ravaged from the fight and it may be centuries before it can recover fully from what occurred. Raphael and Elena are really hoping for some down time. This is the first that Elena is returning to New York with wings and Raphael and crew are still doing some rebuilding from the fight with Urem, so some down time would be welcome. However, that does not look like it’s going to come to pass. Just as they arrive home, storms start breaking out all around the world; young vampires are breaking contracts and attacking humans. Even the archangels are starting to act erratic. These are all signs that an old one, a truly Ancient archangel is Waking. Raphael has enough on his hands without an Ancient waking and ravaging the world.


This book continues to where the second book left off. Chronologically it is almost immediately after the fight with Lijuan. Raphael returns to his territory which Dmitri and his Seven held for him while Elena was sleeping and recovering. There are high hopes that things would return to normal and they can get some piece. That does not appear to be in the cards that this time…

Elena in this book is still struggling with her nightmares, she just wishes the torment would end, but each night the dreams come but now she has Raphael to hold onto. Raphael has been great as her rock, she knows she can always turn to him. However, at their return Elena realizes that nothing is the same anymore. Her fellow hunters have been great, Sara will always be there for her, but the rest of the city stares with fascination ay her new wings. N. Singh, did a fantastic job of portraying Elena and her new found immortality realistically. You rarely see how the person that is suddenly immortal handles the transition with Elena you see the struggles she goes through. Your hear wrenches with Elena when she realizes that eventually she is going to have to watch her friends and family pass on. For someone that is as close with her chosen family as Elena is, you know that this hurts her terribly. You also watch Elena continue to struggle with her father, several of their issues come to head in this novel and you watch as two very stubborn people try to deal with each other. Elena has grown quite a bit since the first book. Her determination and grit is very admirable and I have come to truly enjoy Elena.

In this book we are facing Raphael’s demons. All signs point to Raphael’s mother as being the Ancient One that is arising; when she went into rest she was truly mad. Raphael as a young baby immortal tried to stop his mother and she left him broken in a field.  In this book we see Raphael as venerable as we will probably ever see him. On one hand we see Raphael’s hope that maybe his mother will wake sane, but you see him battle with the knowledge that she may just be as insane as she was when she when into Rest and if that is the case he will have to finish what he started in the field where she left him bloody and broken. You also see Raphael struggle with allowing Elena to see him in such a venerable position, but in the end she ends up breaking through his icy fa├žade. It was good to see Raphael brought down to an almost human level, well as human as Raphael can get. For most the series so far, there has been a worry regarding Elena making Raphael more mortal but in the end of this book you may have a slight surprise regarding this.


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