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Free Kindle eBooks: w/Links - 2/5/2012

Free Kindle eBooks: - 2/5/2012

As per the usual, all the following books and descriptions are directly from I did not write any of the descriptions, so don’t get mad at me if the book does match the description LOL.  And remember what is free right now may not be 5 minutes from now so hurry up if you want to take advantage of these freebies.

On a side note it appears most of the ones that I found this time around are novellas. The full length seemed to be slim pickins. I also try not to repeat books if I recognize them from another post, unless it is a fairly popular author and it’s a get it free while you can.

Thanks, hope you enjoy these posts. =)

Celtic Storms (Celtic Steel) - Delaney Rhodes

Darina O'Malley watched the sun set in the bay from the great tower in O'Malley castle - saying a silent prayer for her cousin Kyra and hoping the message that was delivered to the MacCahan's did not spell sudden doom for her and her people. If what her Uncle Ruarc had told her was true, she was to be married to a stranger in less than five days and her world would turn upside down.  The realization that her clan held secrets which could destroy them forever chilled her blood. Who was this son of a Laird she was betrothed to and how would he react when he learned the truth?

Gifts of the Blood (Angel's Edge) - Vicki Keire

Before her world tilts towards impossible, Caspia Chastain thinks the only strange thing about her is that she sometimes draws the future. Only her brother Logan knows what she can do. When she draws a man surrounded by brilliant light, dark wings, and frightening symbols, she can only hope the vision won't come true. But when a stranger named Ethan appears, determined to protect Caspia and her brother from dangers he won't explain, she's not sure what to think. Strangers almost never come to Whitfield. They certainly don't follow her around, frightening her one moment and treating her like glass the next. And they certainly don't look exactly like the subject of her most violent drawing.

Cave Of Forlorn (The Shabb Series) - R.C. Rutter

The King is dying. Demons have slowly taken over and their last task is to kill the King. For the kingdom to survive, the prophecy must be fulfilled; the daughter must be summoned. The King is reluctant because his first daughter was killed by assassins. Hidden away since before her birth, the King's daughter has no idea of her true identity.  Gweneviere, a local girl, known for her innocence, charm and honesty, is chosen to find the daughter, give her a locket, and send her to the castle. She reluctantly embarks upon her journey traveling with a few trusted companions and protectors. In her innocence, she is hoping to be home by lunch, after all, it sounds like such an easy task. Wolves are the essence of legend in the Kingdom. Imagine their surprise when the first stranger they meet is a young woman, brandishing two swords and traveling with twelve wolves. The assassins want to kill Gweneviere, the army wants to capture her, the Queen wants to hold her for ransom, cave-dwelling Cerberus wants to eat her, and the Encantado (changeling) can't decide what he wants to do. Then there is the whole matter of the wizard who faked his own death so he could retire in peace. You know he has to get involved in this somehow. Gweneviere must succeed or all is lost. Unfortunately, loyalties sometimes change with the wind.

Dark Season: The Last Vampire - Amy Cross

Rescued from certain death, Sophie Hart finds herself drawn into the underground world of Patrick, a silent vampire who also happens to be the last of his kind. In volume 1 of the Dark Season series, Sophie encounters Patrick for the first time. But while she finds herself drawn to him, she also meets a man who has been chronicling the vampires for many years, and who has a stark warning about getting too involved. Dark Season is a series of novellas, each approximately 25,000 words. Each book is a complete standalone story, knowledge of the other books is not essential. This book contains some sexual situations.

Thirst (Ava Delaney #1) - Claire Farrell

Ava Delaney calls herself a hybrid - a living, breathing human who happens to have vampire poison running through her veins. The only thing greater than her thirst for human blood is her capacity for guilt. She does her best to avoid the human world, for everyone's sake. When Ava accidentally enslaves a human while saving him from a vampire, she realises she has to look for help setting him free. Despite her misgivings, she expands her world but finds herself dragged into a possible vampire civil war. With the help of some new friends with ambiguous loyalties, she tries to find a way to keep her human, and herself, alive. At approx. 45,000 words, Thirst is the first in a series of paranormal novellas. Now comes with preview chapters of Taunt (Ava Delaney #2).

The Vampire from Hell: The Beginning (Part 1) - Ally Thomas

According to Rayea, the oldest daughter of Satan, the origin of vampires started in Hell, and it started with her. Rayea isn't daddy's little girl, even if he is the most powerful fallen angel around. He wants her to take an active role in the family business. But she's not interested in his schemes for world domination. Instead she wants to spend her time shopping on the Internet, rescuing humans from a horrific eternity, and practicing martial arts with her seven foot hellhound. Then one day everything changes. Here's the first part of the Vampire from Hell series about how it all began. The Vampire from Hell series is being released in installments.  Be sure to read all parts in order to experience Rayea's ongoing story.  Currently the series includes:  "The Vampire from Hell: The Beginning (Part 1)" (approximately 18 pages)  "A Vampire among Angels (The Vampire from Hell: Part 2)" (approximately 80 pages) "A Vampire on Vacation (The Vampire from Hell: Part 3)" will be released Summer 2012

Bloodlust – Larissa Ione

Sometimes, you don't need romance… Sir Brynn of Lochland has a serious problem. He's been captured by an evil vampire queen who wants to use him as her newest blood slave. But Brynn doesn't have a submissive bone in his body, and he intends to fight her every step of the way. Can Brynn's willpower remain intact when pitted against Sorla's superior vampire strength, seductive skills, and underhanded cruelty, or will she ultimately take possession of both his mind…and body? CONTENT WARNING: This is a VERY graphic erotic horror/fantasy novella. Expect blood, sex, some M/M content, and bad, bad words.

Compelled (The Adam Chronicles) - Carla Krae

Short story. Exclusive Kindle Edition including A Reluctant Vampire. A secluded monastery should be the safest place for a blind man, and it is, until a vampire and her gang come calling. After meeting the femme fatale, Adamo receives the gift of sight, but it comes with a terrible curse, one that might have damned his soul. He's the newest vampire in a clan of ruthless killers and his maker, Juliet, is determined to turn him into another remorseless demon - even if she has to strip his free will.

One Last Bite - Heidi Betts

**Spoiler Alert! Do not read this epilogue until you’ve read MUST LOVE VAMPIRES. Unless you don’t mind ruining your appetite by eating dessert first...** “MUST LOVE VAMPIRES is drop dead funny! If you are in a bad mood, pick this book up and I swear you will laugh your butt off! MUST LOVE VAMPIRES is a guaranteed pick me up! Heidi Betts’s MUST LOVE VAMPIRES features wondrous characters and killer plots guaranteed to make you giggle and swoon!” - In ONE LAST BITE, national bestselling author Heidi Betts brings you the tantalizing happily-ever-after finale to her full-length vampire romance MUST LOVE VAMPIRES. Visit for details.

Hunter's Choice (The Hunters) - Shiloh Walker

One year ago, Sara’s twin brother and his wife were brutally murdered. By vampires, creatures that can’t exist. But Sara knows better and she’s on a mission to kill as many as she can…until she comes across a man from her past. This short story was originally published in the Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance.

Summons: A Goblin King Prequel - Shona Husk

Every fairy tale has to have some basis in fact, right? That's what Eliza thought as she made a desperate plea to the legendary Goblin King. If he could grant her wish, she'd finally be safe. He would protect her. But what would he ask in return...? Enjoy this short free prequel and a sneak peek of The Goblin King, the first of a highly imaginative new paranormal series by Shona Husk.

Bad to the Bone - Vivi Anna

After a terrible accident in the ambulance, EMT Olivia Jordan didn't expect to wake up chained to a bed. The tall dark sexy man holding her prisoner is not what she expected either. But Garrick Blackthorn's not your every day kidnapper, no, there's something extraordinary about him. Something that attracts Olivia. Something dark and secret.  Something that might end Olivia's life...

A Curve of Claw - R.E. Butler

Natural born wicca Elizabeth Xavier likes her life just the way it is. She has a beautiful lake house. Power to rival just about anyone. And seven men that cater to her every desire. What she didn't expect was to be asked to perform a binding ceremony in the local were-bear den and tie herself forever to a were-bear as a permanent guard. She didn't like anyone telling her what to do, and giving a man a supernatural tie to her life meant he'd probably want to boss her around, too. Or tell her she couldn't enjoy her casual relationships with the other men in her life. Guilt is a strong motivator, as is the reminder that she was abducted several months earlier, so she goes into the den with the intention of securing a guard and keeping him at arms' length. Too bad no one told her that were-bears don't like to be kept at arms' length.  When Elizabeth realizes that more than just her personal protection is up for grabs from the bear she binds herself to, can she go through with it, even if it means losing everything she enjoyed about her life? Will she go back on her word and destroy the alliance between the two groups, or does happiness lay in the underground den in the arms of a were-bear? When more than just the alliance and her own personal protection is on the line, Elizabeth has to make a decision fast. The decision to take a guard has never been so important.  This novella is for mature audiences only and contains a feisty play-girl witch with a sarcastic attitude, some red-hot were-bear loving of the menage variety, jealous lovers, claws and fangs galore, and some roadside nookie hot enough to melt the tires from the truck. This book contains M/F/M interaction.

Dark Warriors: A Dark Lands Anthology - Autumn Dawn

Ghost in Her Heart: Dark Lands Book 5 - Every man has a little beast inside...every woman longs to tame him. Where will you be when the beast roars for you?  The quintisential geek, Vana had never had a lover. The ultimte warrior, Dagon had never had a wife. Thanks to a rift in space, she's about to become both.
Beast Wars: Dark Lands Book 6 - Dey has a taste for ancient treasure—Keg is the one assigned to guard it. Ancient ziggurats protected by forgotten technology are no match for Dey, but Keg is one challenge she can't dismiss.  Sexy and irrepressible, Keg doesn't understand why the woman in the pink snakeskin jacket would swagger around with a gun. With war looming, what better way to keep her out of trouble than to make her his own?

Highland Mist (Druid Glen, Book One) - Donna Grant

Conall MacInnes was born to a clan that for centuries has been charged with the guarding of the sacred Druids. It's a duty he has always met with a willing heart, until the day his sister, a Druid priestess, goes missing and the very Druids he has protected refuse to help him find the last remaining member of his family. Then a three-hundred-year-old prophecy places a Druid in his hands for safekeeping. It's the chance at revenge he's been waiting for, but is he willing to pay the cost his revenge will demand--the loss of his mate and the future of Scotland?  A willing lass... Glenna MacNeil wants only to be free, to find the purpose of her life. When she is told to look for the dark laird who would free her, she eagerly goes with the powerful Highlander who fights her clan, not realizing she has set in motion events that will change the course of history. Publisher's Note: Previously published elsewhere under the same title.

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