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Review: Anya Bast - Midnight Enchantment

Dark Magick Series:

Book 4:

Midnight Enchantment: Niall Quinn and Elizabeth Cely Saintjohn



All the pieces of the bosca fadbh the Book of Binding are in Piefferburg, the fae actually have the chance of destroying the warding that has kept them in Piefferburg for hundreds of years.  The fate of the city is dependent on Elizabeth an asrai, which is a rare English water fae. Elizabeth has the last two pieces of the bosca fadbh which was intrusted to her by the Summer Queen. Elizabeth can’t let the Shadow Queen get her hands on those pieces, if those walls go down, someone she holds dear will parish.  Niall is on a mission, to find Elizabeth and get those pieces; only Elizabeth is not easy to catch. She can dissolve into water at will, but the fate of the fae is dependent on him getting those pieces, there is nothing he will not do to get those pieces back. His job would be a whole lot easier if he didn’t actually like and admire Elizabeth, too bad he’ll likely have to torture and possibly kill her to get his hands on those pieces.


I’d like to start by mentioning that I did not give this book its proper due. I was reading this book at the gym while on the elliptical machine and I didn’t want to read this book at home because I knew I would get into it and stay up all night reading and I needed to sleep and then I got into an historical romance kick and couldn’t move past it. So this poor book got sorely neglected, I do apologize Ms. Bast, I did not give this book the attention it deserved because it was a great book and exciting conclusion to this series.

Elizabeth Cely Saintjohn, is one of our most stubborn, determined and heartfelt heroines of the series. To protect one of her own she is willing and does put her life on the line.  She is an Asrai, an extremely rare water fae, so rare she has only met one other in her life. As a water fae she is more equipped to hide and protect the bosca fadbh then anyone else in Piefferburg, no one can hold her or catch her as Niall finds out much to his frustration. As her and Niall’s chase heats up, so does their flirtation?? Elizabeth starts looking forward to her nightly chase; Niall is a worthy opponent and quite devilishly handsome with a voice as dark and deep as midnight. Elizabeth finds it harder and harder to resist him, if only they didn’t have the pieces and whom she is protecting between them, maybe in a different time in a different circumstance they could have been more.  I greatly enjoyed Elizabeth from beginning to end, it’s not often that you find someone willing to die for someone else and be able to resist such a handsome rogue such as Naill.

Niall always gets his man, or in this case his woman, but he has never come up against this kind of opponent before.  Even as he is chasing Elizabeth, he is hoping to get more than just his hands in her. Once, he does manage to catch her, and he will catch her, he is not sure he will be able to actually follow through with his plans; because, even as he hates what Elizabeth is doing by hiding the pieces, he also admires her. Such strength of character is rare and admirable, as he throws his worst at her she manages to resist him, no one has been able to best him yet. Niall is a determined man of strength with a heart of gold. A natural protector of his people and loved ones; somehow Elizabeth is niggling her way into that small circle he considers his. Niall is a powerful mage and one would be so lucky to be his. He is one of my favorites of this series.

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