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ARC Review : Jeaniene Frost – Once Burned

Night Prince Series:

Book 1:

Once Burned: Vlad Tepesh and Leila

A freak accident at the age of 13 left Leila with a couple of life altering “gifts”. Her body is now basically an electrical socket which makes any physical relationship an impossibility, and she now able to divine past, present and future through the tough of an object or person. It is this ability that has created her current predicament, kidnapped by a group of vampires she is to locate a vampire she has come to call the “The Fire Welder” aka Vlad Tepesh. She doesn’t know who this other vampire is, but she knows he has got to be better than her current kidnappers. When she links to him by touching an object she doesn’t expect that he would be able to sense her too, that has never happened before, frightened she drops the connection, but a plan forms…

When Vlad feels a foreign presence in his mind he is surprised to say the least, he is preparing for the worst, but nothing can prepare him for Leila. When he meets her in person, his expectations are surpassed and he is impressed to say the least. He realizes quickly that she is a tool that he can use with the threat of his enemies over his head it is in his best interest to win her to his side in any way he can.

With Vlad’s natural immunity to her electricity, there is finally a man she can’t harm, but Leila realizes quickly that she may be in WAY over her head. As Vlad’s enemy closes in and the danger against Leila increases she realizes she just might not care how far in over her head she might be, her life might be shorter then even she thought it would be, as her abilities might kill her before she’s ready…

I freak’n LOVED it! Loved loved loved it! I read it all in one sitting and could not put it down, the sky was turning pink and I was all hyped up when the book was finally coming to a conclusion and man I did not want it to end! If I could still be reading this book I would be. LOL Dare I say one of the best of the year, if not the best so far? Hmmm, tho the competition is stiff. Vlad has been my man since book 3 of the Night Huntress series (when he was introduced to us), everyone else wanted Bones and I said you all can have him, I want Vlad! So I was, so excited when I found out his sexy ass was getting his own series, I knew Jeaniene Frost wouldn’t let me down and I was right. This book has everything you come to expect from a J. Frost book: action, sarcasm, emotion and erotic as hell.

So let’s start with Vlad, we already know Vlad we’ve met him before several times within the Night Huntress world. He loves to provoke Bones in any way he can just be an ass; however, he has another side, which you see when he is with Cat. He’s a good loyal friend to Cat bailing her out of scrape after scrape and he lets her see a softer side to him. You get different glimpses of Vlad and all the different facets of his complex personality over the previous books. In this book you get a fuller picture of just how complex Vlad can be, the cruel, the loyal, the caring, the sensual and every other aspect you can think of. Vlad is in turn cruel and thoughtful, just when you are like damn what a … he goes and does something for Leila that is so incredibly thoughtful and sweet you are like how is this the same man? But, while he is doing those cruel things it is with the single minded focus of his people protection in mind, he knows the minute he is perceived as weak, all that he has built all those under his protection could come under attack and he’s not willing to risk those lives under his protection, including Leila. With that in mind even as he is doing what he has got to do, you can’t hate on him because he’s protecting what is his. His relationship with Leila, is quite intriguing, circumstances bring them together, but you would never expect these two to connect, but somehow they do. He’s dark brooding, complex centries old and experienced. She’s young, sarcastic and a bit naïve when it comes to life experience. Yet, he’s incredibly patient with her and surprisingly funny, they end up being really well suited.

Leila is completely new to this complex world of Vlad’s, but not to vampires. Due to her unusual abilities she cannot live a normal life, the only person she can even touch without fear is her partner in the circus in which they perform and only then because he is a vampire. Through touch Leila relives some of the most horrific deaths you could ever imagine along with any number of other horrifically bad things, this has made this young woman grow up fast and has led to an often lonely existence, but she tries to live the best that she is able. Leila might have lots of death experience but she doesn’t have a whole lot of life experience and dealing with Vlad becomes a crash course in how to bargain with a Master Vampire and not get taken to the cleaners and she learns pretty quickly. What I liked about Leila is how she holds her own with Vlad, she doesn’t let him just trample all over her, she’s young and she’s inexperienced, but she hangs in there. She goes toe to toe with Vlad, every step of the way; she has a fiery temper and a wicked sense of humor. She constantly had me and Vlad laughing. She was also smart, she had back up plans and thought things through for the most part (She did have one run off moment) and admitted when wrong. So often when reading action type books like these the heroine goes running off on some stupid half thought out idiotic “plan” that just about gets her killed and its sheer luck that she doesn’t and that drives me nuts! Leila, thinks about it, she discusses it with Vlad and others, they go through it together. Quite simply I adored Leila, she is quite possibly my new favorite heroine and I think worthy of Vlad!

The story line itself is all a J. Frost novel should be, action from being to end with Frosts sarcastic humor and steamy sexual scenes seamlessly woven in for a thoroughly entertaining ride, I could totally see this book as a movie. Sex, blood, sarcasm and violence does it get better than that? Jeaniene Frost is one of my favorite authors; she just knows how to write a novel that pulls you in and does not let you go until the end. Her novels read like watching an action film your on the edge of your seat wait to see what will happen next and this is no exception. Something else I adore about J. Frost is she is consistent, when you sit down to a Frost novel you aren’t thinking which J. Frost novelist am I going to get this time, is this one going to be good or am I going to want to throw this book out the window, you know you are going to get a quality novel that will entertain the entire way through. Now, I can’t leave this review without leaving at least a bit of a warning on the ending, you will want to curse Ms. Frost for leaving you like that! It’s like leaving you at the edge of an orgasm and then walking away and now I have to wait 9 months until the next book, oh so cruel, oh so cruel! If I didn’t love you so much I’d be so mad at you right now! The ending isn’t so much of a cliff hanger as it is unfinished business or “a to be continued”… I am not a patient person by nature so this wait is going to kill me!

Amanda P ratings 5 moons

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