Monday, July 23, 2012

Reading on a Dime: This Week Contemporary Romance

Titles for less then my Starbucks habit:
So this is the second attempt at “Reading on a Dime” where I will attempt to highlight everyday low priced titles of great books! Times are rough and if you are anything like me you are constantly buying new books whether you necessarily have the funds or not. I will attempt to provide great reads that wont hurt your bank account as bad. Featuring books for $5.00 or less and a few titles if apart of the series for slightly more.

Rachel Gibson:
RG is one of my absolute favorite authors and one of the few Contemporary Romance authors I religiously read. A recent meme asked, who is your go to “Comfort Read” and I didn’t even have to think about it for more then a few seconds. Rachel Gibson is my Go To when I need a comfort read. No matter how many times I’ve read one of her books I laugh, every single time! RG has a couple of series as well as some standalone titles. What I do like about RG is even though she does have some series each book is also written as a standalone so it is not necessary to read in order.

Lovett, Texas Series: Price $1.99 – $3.99 ea

Standalone Titles: Price: $3.99 ea

Chinooks Hockey Team Series: Price $3.99 – $4.99 ea

Standalone Titles for slightly more: Price $5.99 ea

Chinooks Hockey Team Series for slightly more: Price $5.99 ea

Writer Friends Series for slightly more: Price $5.99

Victoria Dahl:
I have only read the Donovan Series by Victoria Dahl, but it was enough to get a pretty good sense of her as an author and I loved what I found. Her writing is smart and funny with a sarcastic edge. Our Heros and Heroines are in real world situations with real problems. You will find yourself laughing and crying when you pick up this series. The first book is actually a novella in an anthology containing the first part of the story from “Real Men Will” which I highly recommend reading before you read that title.

Donovan Brewery Series: Price $4.99 ea

Cherry Lynn:
The Ross Siblings is so far two books, it leans towards erotic contemporary romance, so consider yourself warned. They are quite steamy! The first is the oldest Ross sibling Evan which is more a typical sweet CR. The second is the youngest Ross sibling, this is the first book I read. It features Brian who is a bad boy tattoo artist with piercings in interesting places. *wink wink* This a great CR series, that kind of bridged the gap between straight up CR and erotica for me. I never liked erotica much until I picked up Cherrie Lynn’s books. It’s not so heavy on the sex that the story is minimal.

Ross Siblings Series: Price $4.25 ea

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