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Review: Kerrigan Byrne – Unwilling

Highland Historical Series:
Book 2:
Unwilling: Laird Conner MacLauchlan and Lady Lindsay Ross

Conner does not have time nor the inclination to find his berserker mate. As Laird of his clan and mercenary he is kept plenty busy, but when he finds his mate in the heat of battle, he knows there is nothing that will keep him from claiming what is his!
Lindsey is on her way to meet her dreaded betrothed. She has heard he is as dreaded as his father was. She never expected to never get to her betrothed, but when her caravan is attacked by one ungodly man she is as fascinated as she is terrified! When he kisses her she has never felt the like before, but she knows her duty and it does not include this terrifying yet fascinating man.
There was a lot more dialogue in this book compared to the first, yet it lacked some the feeling you got between Roderick and Evelyn. Conner could speak, which didn’t necessarily work in his favor since he seemed to put his foot in it quite often! He didn’t quite know how to deal with Lindsey, but eventually he found his way. It was quite amusing to watch him mess up so badly. Despite his obvious lack of wooing skills you could still tell he cared about his mate. Lindsey was full of fire and sass, she certainly didn’t make it easy on Conner in the beginning. She could hold her own against the hulking brute of a man and didn’t let him trample all over her. It would have to take a strong woman to tame Conner and his berserker, and Lindsey certainly fits the bill. When Conner is taken, she risks her own life to save his. The passion between Conner and Lindsey is scorching; when their passion ignites you find that you have to fan yourself to bring down the heat these two generate. Man can Byrne write a love scene!
Overall, this is a steamy exciting read that I again wish there had been more of! I really hope that Kerrigan Byrne continues on this series and this path she has taken and continues to write; however, I hope any future tales are longer! I have come to appreciate a well written novella, such as these, but these tales make me yearn for MORE! They have so much potential and have so much room for more development. You will not regret picking up this book and really this series.
Amanda P ratings 4 moons
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