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Review: Donna Grant - Dawn's Desire

Dark Kings Series:
Book 3:
Dawn's Desire: Banan and Jane Holden
Dawn's Desire (Dark Kings, #3)
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For centuries, the immortals knows as the Dragon Kings have hidden their shapeshifting powers from the world. But when a mortal enemy threatens to expose them, the warrior Banan must leave his secret lair in the Highlands, risk his life for the dragons within – and resist the temptations of human love…
Jane Holden has never considered herself beautiful. But when the impossibly handsome Banan casts his gaze upon her, smoldering with sensuality, she feels like the sexiest woman on earth. Banan, however, is a man on a mission. He refuses to succumb to this modern woman’s charms – or his own desires. Two of his warrior brethren have already surrendered to forbidden love. But as the danger closes in, Banan realizes that he needs to possess Jane – mind, body, and soul. For she is more than his match. She is his destiny…
This story picks up right where the last one left off. Elena is being picked up from the airport and Banan is driving. The danger escalates in this book, the Kings know that they need to flush out the person or group that sent Sloan into the mountain.  The Kings figure Elena’s boss is one of the people behind the trespassing on Dreagon land.  To get closer to Elena’s book Banan is sent to watch his secretary, Jane.  The attraction between Banan and Jane is instantaneous and electrifying.
Jane is somewhat timid and very much so klutzy, she finds herself often feeling out of step with the world. She doesn’t have the best of self esteem, but being with Banan she starts to feel a confidence that she has never felt before. In the short time she has known him; she learns her appeal to Banan.  She also finds some of her confidence when she would normally shy away from anything dangerous she finds herself snooping for Banan. She comes along way in such a short period.
I really liked Banan, he was good for Jane.  His attraction to Jane was intense to say the least, and that attraction and attentiveness helped her overcome some of her insecurities. When Banan first met Jane, he knew that his feeling were more intense than they should have been, but he didn’t listen to warning bells that were going off in his head. He chucked it up to lust and didn’t realize how far he had fallen until it was too late and the danger had found Jane. 
With an outside threat the violence and intrigue escalates in this book. We see what the Kings are willing to do against an outside threat and that involves extreme measures. They only thing that I had a slight problem with on this book was it seemed shorter than the other two. I didn’t really feel like we had enough time with Jane and Banan as a couple like we did with Elena and Guy. I would have liked a little more time and not be so rushed. The ending gives an exciting peek as to what may come in the next books. I am looking forward to the next release.
Amanda P ratings 4 moons
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