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Review: Sable Hunter – Burning Love

Cajun Spice Series:

Book 1:

Burning Love: Harley Montoya/Nada and Beau

Burning Love

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Beau's passion burns hot for Harley Montoya. When he discovers that the woman who has enflamed his libido is the girl he fell in love with so long ago in a runaway shelter, he is overcome with joy. But Harley - or Nada as he knew her - has been burned by tragedy. They both live lives full of adventure. He builds custom weaponry and owns a reptile preserve, and she is an EOD expert - Harley defuses bombs for a living. But nothing is more explosive than the love they share.

Beau is determined to show Harley that he is worthy of her trust and that he is willing to protect her from anything that would cause her harm. But Harley has a mad-man on her trail and she can't walk away from her responsibilities. Bombs, alligators, haunted plantations and Louisiana lore spice up their life, and danger and ghosts from their past threatens to tear them apart - but nothing can put out the white-hot flames of their Burning Love.

So I have never read Sable Hunter before and grabbed this book while it was free on Amazon from a friends recommendation.  I am so happy that I listened to Dawn (My Let’s Get Romantical partner in crime) and picked up this book. The blurb was intriguing enough that I started reading it immediately and I was instantly ensnared into this story.

Harley is an emotionally damaged woman; her early life has been anything but pleasant. She has exactly one good memory of her early days and that is Beau, the boy she met in the group home.  He protected her and made her feel safe for the first and last time in her life. Harley has managed to carve out a pretty decent if not lonely existence for herself; she is the number one bomb expert in the US and possibly the world. She can demand astronomical prices for her skills as the premier bomb tech.  She has a touch of Psychometry that aids her when dismantling a bomb.

When Harley reconnects with Beau randomly when she walks into his shop she is shocked, her childhood hero is right in front of her and hitting on her.  She feels complex emotions when she sees Bea for the first time in years, the last emotion she expected to feel was lust.  She hasn’t felt lust in... well ever. It confuses and frightens her but it’s her Beau and that makes it ok.  After two traumatic events and several failed attempts at dating Harley is terrified of scaring Beau off, but she knows he is not something she can let go of.

Ah… Beau… one of my favorite males ever! Besides being a sexy a$$ Cajun (my new obsession), the way he handles Harley’s trauma is so endearing. I think I fell for him first when he reacted to Harleys confession and then again when he demanded going to counseling with her. What man volunteers for counseling? Only real men who care about their woman, that’s who! Lol His desire to get it right makes your heart swell. Beau is definitely a man’s man, he wrestles with gators for heaven sake and owns a gun shop, does it get any more manly? He has the typical protective instincts of a true alpha male, but he doesn’t smother.  He knows Harley has an extremely dangerous job, but he doesn’t get in the way. He doesn’t demand that she give it up, but he does state a preference in a switch to consulting work. LOL.

Overall, I think that the author did a fantastic job tackling a difficult subject. She created believable lovable characters. She incorporates a Cajun feel, along with touches of paranormal with the Psychometry and Harley’s haunted house. Even the ghosts add to the story. I devoured this book in one setting and will be looking out for other titles by this author. I give it an A+

Amanda P ratings 5 moons

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  1. Oh that sounds so good Amanda! Beau definitely sounds like my kind of hero. Love the ones that really help their heroines like that. Liking the little bits of paranormal too.

    Thanks for pointing this one out :)