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Review: Dannika Dark - Closer

A Spinoff of the Mageri Series:


Closer (A Novella): Kane and Caroline

Closer: A Novella

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Kane never believed in things like fate or karma. Not until the night he took a life.
Within the human world is a secret society of immortals and gifted supernaturals.
Kane is one of them—a Sensor who experiences emotional energy through touch. But despite his good looks and easy-going personality, Kane lives a solitary life. Unlike other Sensors, he is unnaturally hypersensitive.

Touch brings pain.

Fate throws a curveball when a woman’s life is placed in his hands. Kane is suddenly faced with a difficult decision, each with its own moral consequence, and time is not on his side.

Will she be his salvation, or his ruination?

So I saw the author of this book post the book on one night, I read the synopsis and something was tugging me to give the book a try even though I had other books I should have been reading. I have not read anything else by Dannika Dark and later learned that this book is set in the same world as a series she writes. I am so glad I gave this book a try!

It is a fairly short book as it is a novella, but it packs quite an emotional punch for not being a full length. I have a rule, that you may know about if you follow this blog. If you cry, you get a five and let me tell you, I was balling! I was a blubbering fool during part of this book.

It took me a little bit to get a feel for this new world that I was in, if I had read the series, I probably would have known more but as it is I didn’t so I had a new world to learn about. I picked it pretty quickly so you don’t really have to read the series to grasp the world in this book.

Kane was raised as a human and his Sensor abilities are off the charts sensitive, so he has a really hard time dealing in the real world. He can’t touch anyone and it’s hard for him to be in public, because he picks up all sorts of things that he doesn’t want to know. He is basically all alone in the world with only a human sister he can’t see because he’s not aging and because of his abilities. His abilities also make it really hard for him to keep a job and make a connection. He is struggling with his loneliness when his fate changes forever. He passes a human male and once again he sees something he wishes he never had to see and he can’t keep himself from reacting and than he does the forbidden and ends up on the run. Kane has never done anything like this before and makes mistake after mistake which leads him to Caroline, but by the time he finds her he may be too late.

Caroline is also a Sensor, but she has the opposite problem as Kane, she is defective. She can receive emotions but she can’t project them. This makes her defective and she remains on the fringes of their society much like Kane. She also lives a fairly lonely existence, since her father disappeared. When Kane first touches Caroline, he is pulled into her mind. For that she soundly pummels him for entering her scared space, go Caroline! Once she figures out that he’s not doing it on purpose (and we never really find out how he can do this, which remains unresolved) she settles down. Most of this book ends up taking place in Caroline’s mind which ends up creating an extremely intimate setting, because of this these two get closer to each other than they ever would have been able to otherwise. Caroline is a fantastic character, she is feisty and holds her own. I loved that she gave Kane as much ish as she did, but she is also venerable and sweet. Her circumstances are incredibly dire, but she tries to maintain hope in a desperate situation. In the end, her hope may not be enough and it will be too late…

Overall I really loved this book, it is emotional and meaningful. Two people find themselves in an unlikely situation and have to make the best of it. The characters are very likeable and the story intriguing. I did have an issue with a couple of unresolved issues and would have liked an epilogue with a one year later, I felt we could have used that closure, but I guess Ms. Dark is also leaving it open for a possibility for a sequel. I have no idea If that is even in her thoughts, but I’m throwing it out there. Also, we went on a few unnecessary tangents, with as short as the book is, I think these could have been left out. Other than that, fantastic read! I will more than likely at some point go back and read her series because I enjoyed this one so much! Great job!


5 flames

Amanda darkkind

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