Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday Jams: Comedy? Rap


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So this week I am sharing my love of the “Rap” group Turquoise Jeep. They are comedy (maybe, I still haven’t figured out how serious they are which adds to their appeal) rap. Their videos and songs are freak’n hilarious and will have you laughing so hard you may just cry. I know I did!  Each song has its own dance even. So you HAVE to actually watch the videos to see what I am talking about. 

Let the ridiculousness begin!

Smag It!  (It’s a smash bang fusion!)

Treat Me Like a Pirate  (and show me that booty! Walk the Plank show me your treasure!)

Did I Mention I Like to Dance?  (Flint Flossy is MY favorite rapper lol)


  1. LMBO! Let me smang it giiirl xD oh hell no xD lol. I haven't heard of this group but definitely funny lol. His hair is killing me in this video xD Oh my lanta.

    oooh hell no!! hahahahaha. Treat me like a pirate. OMFG. I'm hella loving you right now xD

    Great pick this week girly :)

    My TJ


  2. ROTMFFL!!! Ok...you know what? Im not messimg woth yoi this week. To much...oh lawd... Lols

    Love ot Amanda ;)