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Review: Kerrigan Byrne – Released

Highland Historical (The Banshees)

Book 4:

Released: Laird Rory MacKay and Katriona

Released (Highland Historical #4)

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She's become a Banshee, screaming for vengeance...
The last thing Katriona remembers about her life is her violent death. Now, in order to rest, she must avenge her family, which means eliminating the last of the corrupt MacKay Lairds. But her Banshee scream doesn't kill him, and the more she tries, the harder it becomes to resist the wicked temptation he poses.

He's cursed for the crimes of another...

None of the many sins staining Laird Rory MacKay's soul warrant the wailing Banshee in his bedroom. With a clan divided, an impending marriage, and whispers of a dark curse threatening the livelihood of his people, Rory doesn't have the time - or the heart - to face the specter of the one woman he's spent the last year trying to forget.

From the first couple of pages I was sucked into this story. I was supposed to be working on something else but had a few minutes to spare and I made the mistake of starting this book. Within the first couple of pages I was hooked! I was click, click, clicking away until I realized how in deep I was and that I had to get back on task, but man putting the book down to get my work done was so damn hard. I don’t think I ever flew through work so fast just so I could get back to the story. The story where is not long, it leaves a lasting impression. It is full of powerful emotion and characters you quickly come to care for. Kerrigan Byrne is a master a creating atmosphere and pulling you into her world. She describes things in such a way that it almost feels like you are there. The textures and atmosphere of the story are alive and vibrant.

We start the book with Katriona contemplating killing Laird Rory and as she recounts what had happened to her and her family, it is POWERFUL, definitely emotional. I found myself misting up a bit because of the pain that these young women endured. Equally powerful is Rory’s reaction to what happened and to Katriona herself, even if she is now a much feared Banshee. She never knew that Rory had deep seeded feelings for her for years and that he had been mourning her. Katriona is perplexed as to why she can’t take his life, a life for a life, isn’t that how it works? And as a Banshee, her magic is powerful. Perplexed Katriona spends more and more time haunting Rory, but the more time she spends with him the less she wants to kill him. But her time is running out, she has a year from her death to extract her revenge or she can never be released from her curse.

The push and pull between Katriona and Rory is intense. Rory knows what he wants but it’s out of his reach, he’s a year too late for the woman he always yearned for and his intended is on her way. Rory is noble man; he is the youngest son of a monster and younger brother to a man just as bad as his father. All of his life he has been paying for the sins of the father and brother. Now, they are gone and he is doing everything he can make up for their reign of terror. When Katriona shows up as a Banshee and tries to kill him, he figures it’s no less than he deserves. There is no way that you can’t fall a bit in love with Rory. He puts the needs of his clan ahead of his and his heart aches for everything that his father and brother had done. He knows there is no way he can make up for it all, but he does as much as he can even sacrificing himself and the one thing he had always wanted. Rory has an understated power about him; he commands but is not overt about it.

5 flames

Amanda darkkind

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