Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Review: Testing the Limits by Kira Sinclair

Testing the LimitsJace Hyland and Quinn Keller

Testing the Limits


Wanting him was wrong, but it felt so right…

Social worker Quinn Keller sees the best in people…and the worst. When she rescues a prominent businessman's battered wife, Quinn is targeted by the woman's violent husband. Her only option is to place her safety in the hands of Ranger Jace Hyland—tattooed, scarred, incredibly hot…and the brother of Quinn's deceased fiancé. An entirely different kind of dangerous!

Quinn is the woman Jace has always wanted—and she's strictly hands-off. But keeping her safe means taking her to his small apartment…and his bed. So for one unforgettable night, Jace will give in to the temptation he can no longer resist. One night of forbidden hunger. One night he prays will be enough to satisfy a lifetime of longing….

It was ok, I was reading this one for the scarred, tattooed hero, he sounded delish… and he was, all protective and sexy…  Yum! He’s probably why I’m giving this book a decent rating.. the rest of the story was just ok. I liked Quinn’s passion for her job but it kind of got in the way of the romance a bit for me. Quinn and Jace have known each other for years; in fact, Jace is the brother of her passed fiancé. Jace has always had a thing for Quinn but his brother met her first and while he was alive they were so obviously in love. Now he’s been passed for two years (I think the length of time is the only reason I wasn’t disturbed by the whole brother’s thing) and Jace is still taking care of Quinn, doing small things like making sure her lawn is mowed, fixing things, etc… Now Quinn needs more than that, she needs his protection from one of her client’s abusive husband. For me Quinn seemed to have more passion for her job than she did for Jace. I felt it on her end, maybe because he’s been carrying a torch for so long but hers isn’t as on the surface. In the end it was an ok book with a sexy hero and not much else. 

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