Thursday, November 19, 2015

Review: Alien Huntress Series Books 1-3 by Gena Showalter (Re-Post)

Book 1

Awaken Me Darkly: Mia Snow and Kyrin en Arr


Mia Snow is an A.I.R (Alien Investigation and Removal) agent, one of the best there is. After the brutal death of her brother ay aliens hands and the obvious disapproval of her father, Mia all of her anger and aggression into being the best agent and team leader that she can be. Mia is stronger and faster than most of her counter parts but she never looked to deep into that and figured it was because of all of her hard work and dedication to the job. Mia’s new case is one of her more difficult murder cases to solve and keeps bringing her to Kyrin en Arr an, enigmatic, powerful, attractive, sensual Arcadian. All evidence seems to point to Kyrin and his Sisters direction but after several heart pounding encounters Mia is not so convenience and decides to work with Kyrin to fund the killer. To solve this case Mia is going to have to digger deeper into herself than she has ever dared to before. Will what she finds within destroy everything she has worked so hard for?


This book is a good start to the series, Mia is everything you would expect from a huntress: strong, stubborn, fiery, loyal and determined. Kyrin as with most of the males so far that I have read in the series seems to be underdeveloped. You don’t really know much about him so I didn’t really get to attached to him. The book itself is pretty short and a quick read, tho I was left wanting more of something…

It is a solid read but not extraordinary.

Book 2:

Enslave Me Sweetly: Eden Black and Lucius Adaire

Eden is an alien, a Raka, distinguished by her golden hair and skin that was raised by the human Michael Black after her parents are killed. Michael happens to run a government contracted assassin outfit. Eden is one of his assassins, after years of being a pampered princess she decided to win her father approval by training to be one of his assassins. After she takes a job and it is botched her father decides to give her one more chance to fix her “failure” but she has to work with Lucius, one of Michaels top assassins. Instantly they are attracted but repelled and antagonistic with each other, neither wants to work with the other but the boss insisted and each has their own reasons for seeing this job completed. After deliberating they decide that sending Eden in as bait would be the best course of action since she is a highly desirable alien on the black market….


The story is interesting with Eden an alien helping to bring other aliens down. Here again we see the “wanting their parents approval” theme which is central to the main character that is in the first three books so far (I’ve only gotten that far in the series LOL). Lucius as a character is underdeveloped and you are given a really quick glimpse into his past only for it to never be brought up again. The novel concluded with several unanswered questions.

It was decent but ultimately it was forgettable and left several unanswered questions.

Book 3:

Red Handed: Phoenix Germaine and Ryan Stone

Phoenix is a high school student and a “flyer” which means she is a drug addict. Unsure what to do with her unruly and out of control daughter Phoenix’s mother sends her to rehab. When she gets back Phoenix she is determined to never use again, she will not disappoint her mother again. When she is out one night soon after her return from rehab, she sees the delectable Ryan Stone, he tries to warn her about something and get her to go home but of course stubborn as always she doesn’t listen and they are overcome by aliens. Not sure what to do Phoenix jumps into the fight with Ryan and his sister, when she is almost overcome by an alien she is left unconscious and weak. When she is returned to her mother, her mother wrongly believes that Phoenix is using again. Fed up at this point her mom calls a “boot camp” to send Phoenix to, only it’s not a boot camp but a training institute for the A.I.R. Once in the program Phoenix decides this is what she wants, she will not use again, make a difference in the world and make her mom proud also it doesn’t hurt that Ryan is an instructor there. As an instructor Ryan is OFF LIMITS to Phoenix but he shares the attraction and they find it’s hard to keep their hands to themselves. Is Phoenix willing to risk her new found live purpose to be with Ryan?

Again we see the wanting to make a parent proud theme in this book, in the end Phoenix does get her approval from her mother. This novel is really kind of better as a young adult novel and maybe it was meant to be, I am not sure on that. There were several characters that were intriguing and would like to see again. It has the happy ending but very little action, it can bore in some places.

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