Monday, November 16, 2015

Review: Savor Me Slowly by Gena Showalter (Re-post)

Savor Me Slowly: Mishka Le'Ace and Jaxon Tremain

Alien Huntress Series Book 3:

Savor Me Slowly (Alien Huntress, #3)


Mishka Le’Ace is part human, part machine with some alien and animal parts thrown in and her life has never been her own. Controlled by a computer chip in her brain she cannot escape her owner and must complete any job that she is told or she’ll likely be killed or tortured. Her current mission is to get AIR Agent Jaxon Tremain out of captivity and find out EVERYTHING he knows about the new disease that a new race of aliens is spreading around earth. Jaxon has been tortured for over a week for information that he is not giving up to anyone, he will die first. When a new person enters his cell to inflict torture he is surprised to find himself aroused by her scent and presence. How can he be desiring someone that is planning on torturing him and as he has been beaten within an inch of his life. Le’Ace is surprised by the protectiveness she feels towards Jaxon, never before has she felt tenderness or protectiveness towards one of her captives. That was beaten out of her a long time ago so when she is ordered to take Jaxon heal him and find out what she knows she is secretly glad to do so. Once Jaxon recovers it becomes clear that they are going to have to work together along with the rest of the AIR team (who clearly distrusts and wants to kill Le’Ace) to neutralize this new threat. The more time Jaxon and Le’Ace spend together the more their feelings grow and enflame, though the odds against them seem to grow with each minute that passes and the more it seems likely that one of them will not live through this battle for human life.


I enjoyed this novel there is a good amount of intrigue, suspicion and all my favorite characters have returned! Le’Ace reminds me a lot of Ashlyn for the Lords of the Underworld series only more deadly. She grew up in a lab with no companions and is now a tool to be used. She is lonely and aching for companionship but can never have because of what she is. Jaxon is what I would consider a good catch, an all around good guy that would protect you with his life and he does! I would have liked some more information about his ability to get information out of anyone, as in previous books it’s mentioned but kind of glossed over. This novel is the beginning of what looks like will be a threat that the AIR has to deal with for at least the next book because it is leading into something bigger!

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  1. I wish there'd be more books in the Alien Huntress series, Amanda, your review made me remember everything I loved in this one. Thanks for reposting it to remind me :)
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