Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Review: Seduce the Darkness by Gena Showalter (Re-Post)

Seduce the Darkness: Bride McKells and Devyn, King of the Targons

Alien Huntress Series Book 4:


Bride McKells is a Vampire at least she thinks she is. All she really knows is she can’t go out in the sun, her skin is too sensitive to it and that she needs to drink blood and cannot eat real food. That’s a vampire, right?! In all of her 100 years she has not met another like her and she has only had one friend, Aleaha Love. Over a decade ago Aleaha and Bride got separated in a raid and Bride has been looking for her ever since. Finally she picked up Aleaha’s scent and it brought Bride right to the obnoxious Devyn who refuses to give her any information about her friend and after Bride refuses to sleep with him he dismisses Bride and immobilizes her from following as she promised. Devyn is a self proclaimed womanizer and species collector. At first he thinks Bride is a new species he has never tried and is intrigued, when he finds out she is a vampire something he has already tried he loses interest (or does he?) . Devyn has information that Bride wants! He has met other vampires and has been with her dearest friend recently so Bride sets out to find Devyn and get information out of him at any cost. In her quest for answers Bride captures Nolan an alien that carries a disease that could wipe out the entire population of Earth, she plans on trading Nolan for information about vampires and Aleaha, but of course Devyn has his own plans and they all center around seducing Bride who he has been unable to get out of his mind. This book is nonstop entertainment with the vampire slayers trying to capture Bride, AIR trying to recapture Nolan and save Earth, Dallas’s vision, Devyns plot to seduce Bride and Bride coming into her powers…


I think I read out of order, I accidentally skipped Savor Me Slowly oops, but that didn’t diminish this novel at all. I was a little confused about the whole Nolan plot at first but Gena caught me up to speed without having to stop and go back and read the other book first. So you are able to skip books in this series or read out of order which I like in a series, but the series still feels a little disjointed and not quite as cohesive as the Lords of the Underworld series, it’s almost a little forced like all the characters are trying to find their place. That being said, I highly enjoyed this story, this is what I expected from the first few books but wasn’t quite getting. The dialogue was entertaining and funny! Bride and Devyn fit together perfectly, I can’t imagine any other female being able to handle Devyn quite as well, she has the right amount of humor and self confidence to handle the womanizing Devyn and the fact that she has more than a few tricks up her sleeve doesn’t hurt. Be prepared for a few surprises!

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