Thursday, July 14, 2016

Early Review: Meat by Opal Carew

Meat: Rex Keene and Rebecca



Just one taste isn't enough…

I ran into Rex Keene—literally—when I was trying to catch my flight and his muscled, tattooed arms stopped my fall.
Then our flight gets canceled, and we're stranded in the same hotel room ended up being the steamiest night of my life.
All I knew is that I had to see him again.

I just didn’t expect him to show up a week later in the restaurant I manage…as our new head chef.
But the generous, tender man I spent that night with is gone; instead he’s arrogant, demanding, and terrorizing the staff.
But he won’t give up until we’re together – and I’m not sure I can stay away.
Which man is real?
Who is Rex Keene?

***Spoiler Alert! Pretty much this entire review is one big fat spoiler, but I feel you should read the spoiler to know what you're getting into.***

This book is literally one of the worst books I have read in a very long time. I dont usually give out too many 1 star ratings especially if I managed to make it to the end of the book. In the case of this book I can't really find much in redeemable qualities well except two things.. 1. The cover.. It is glorious! It's why I requested this title. I was thinking we were going to have a super hot tattooed bearded chef on our hands. And 2. The way they met was cute. They literally ran into each other in the airport and ended up being on the same flight. As a traveler I wouldnt mind that happening to me.... And now thats about all the good I have to say about this book.

So whats wrong with this book you ask?! Im so glad you asked, I would be delighted to tell you why this book was a glorious fail...

1. Unprotected sex... In this day and age this is just irresponsible writing. You can't have two people meet and that same day/night they are having unprotected sex with no conversations of any kind. No birth control talks, no clean record talks... nothing. What if a teenager was to pick up this book or hell I'm a grown adult in my 30's and even though I know its just fiction it still has some serious yick factor.. It only takes a few more words to have him wrap it up..

2. His "glorious" cock... He has a ginormous cock. She says its as thick as her forearm, long and the head is as large as a large plum. He says his large cock has been a burden and has affected the way he has lived his life. The author tried to go into how its affected his life but it seemed to cut off mid-thought never to be brought up again.. Now all the ways his glorious cock is referred too.. Including "glorious" as Im sure you have picked up on by now. I read the term "cockhead" more times than I ever wanted to in my life. The last sex scene they kept referring to his junk as "meat" hey they had to get the title in there someway. How thick and juicy his meat is, and how she likes. it. GAG! If I didnt love meat so much I might have been tempted to turn vegetarian. It got referred to as a spear at one point and than there is the cumming. His seed was constantly "heating" her up. He must have some super hot cum. Id get that checked out if I was him, with all that unprotected sex he may have caught something. lol.. Then there was another line, it involved his cum acting like a fountain.. yes my friends.. a fountain. Every time these two had sex I wanted to gag and since it's like 60% of the book, that is not a good thing.

"His seed erupting inside her. A deep fountain, filling her with his liquid heat."

3. Dom... He's a Dom?? Is the author sure about that? Mostly his Dom tendencies seem to be handcuffs. Rebecca is more of a Dom than him.. She'd be all like.. "I've been a bad girl! I need to be punished" and then he would be all like "Oh yeah, and how do you think you should be punished?" and then she would proceed in punishing herself by sucking on his glorious cockhead spear. Im just wondering how she fit her mouth around a forearm sized cockhead and spear? That's got to be a tight fit. Hope she minds the teeth. Wonder if he came in her mouth if his hot seed would burn her mouth from the heat? Hmm something to think about. or not..

4. Insta-love... So they meet in an airport, bang that night with little to no conversation, well she did cry on him at dinner to be fair. So he sets the expectations that he wont see her for a week when they arrive in Minnesota. Fair enough, but he doesn't call her either so Im not counting this week towards their time together. So she's gets back to work and poof there he is, the new head chef. He fired a bunch of people while she was out and got nicknames T-Rex. Turns out they were stealing, he caught it ON CAMERA and she still doesn't believe him. So almost immediately they are fighting or really she's giving him the silent treatment. So three days later there is a meeting and she's still pissed off at him and calls him out in a meeting. Later that night, there is a snow storm and guess where she ends up?? Thats right, his room! Again, very little talking. So that very night she tells him she loves him! WTF! So what is that like 3 days (of which she was giving the silent treatment) and 2 nights of sex. The very next day, she gets mad at him again and storms off not to talk to him for the whole weekend. Monday rolls around she's still mad at him and wont talk to him. Tuesday is a big meeting and a secret is revealed and she's still mad at him but he drags her off to finally talk to her to see some reason and guess what.. They have sex again and finally have a convo that doesn't involve her storming off and then he proposes.. Yes my friends.. proposed marriage to this crazy person who is always mad, not talking to him or storming off. So that took what like a week? 8 days?? Its completely crazy and unbelievable. (hide spoiler)]

I think those are the major points on this book and why I disliked it. Personally if any of these things irritate you, save yourself two hours and skip this one. I wish I had. Sadly this is my first book by this author and I'm pretty sure it'll be my last. It left a bad taste in my mouth.

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