Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Review: Red and Her Wolf by Marie Hall

Red and Her Wolf: Ewan and Violet

(Kingdom #3)


Long ago there lived a beautiful child. Her name was Violet. Fair of skin, with blonde hair and large blue eyes. Born of wild magic, she was a woman with a child’s heart. Innocent and lovely, but not at all what she seemed--you see Violet went by another name: The Heartsong.

She was the child of fairy magic, the physical manifestation of all fae kinds unbridled power. Cosseted and pampered, she grew up in isolation, never knowing who she really was, or why there were those who’d seek to harm her.

Ewan of the Blackfoot Clan is a wolf with a problem. He’s been sent to kill the Heartsong, but the moment he lays eyes on the blonde beauty he knows he’ll defy the evil fae he works for to claim Violet as his own.

This is the tale of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf, as it really happened…

Red and Her Wolf b Marie Hall is the third book in the Kingdom Series. This is a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood.  Big Bad has gotten a bad rap… Yes, so he killed grandma but it’s not what you think! I promise. The fairy tales got it all wrong. Ewan has been kept from his mate for 500 years and he can no longer be kept from her. Red or should be call her by her real name Violet has been ignorant of her past for 500 years but she has a destiny to fulfill and now is the time. Danika finally gives Ewan his mates location and he’s off in a shot and just in time. She took on a wolf from the dark and was grievously injured. Violet has hated the wolf that is embracing her for as long as she can remember but she is finding that her memories are not all that they are supposed to be and little by little she realizes that this wolf is someone she can trust when she can’t trust anyone else.

Wolf and Red are on the run, they are running towards Violets destiny but in order for her to do so she has to do two things.. 1. Stay alive and 2. Come into her powers. They have several tasks they have to complete to help Violet come into her powers before the final confrontation. I quite enjoyed the journey while these two learn to trust each other and Violet learns what she can do.. But I’ve got to say, the final battle was a bit anti-climatic. I felt like more power and magic would be thrown around but it all ended pretty quickly. The ending was pretty emotionally charged at least for Danika and had me a bit sad but Violet and Ewan’s happily ever after make up for that. This is the third and final book in the free ebook deal on Amazon but there are still two more books in the Big Bad.  

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