Tuesday, July 20, 2021

#Review - The Last Guard: Nalini Singh


Title: The Last Guard

Author: Nalini Singh

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Nalini Singh has been one of my favorite authors for a number of years but to no fault of hers I took a long break from reading within the Romance genre. When I saw she had a new book coming out it rekindled my interest in the Psy-Changeling series. So I went back and caught up on the series backlog made my way to Last Guard.

Finally we get a glimpse into the mysterious Anchors. They had been introduced in the earlier Psy-Changeling books but we never learned too much about them.

I really enjoyed Canto’s character he was charming and engaging. From the beginning he pulls you and keeps you engaged. His backstory makes you like the Merchant family even more than you may have already. The Merchants take care of their own, even those deemed “flawed”.

Payal is a bit enigmatic at first but as she opens up to Canto you see more into her heart and the pain housed there. You quickly learn that what the public sees is just a façade and underneath she is just doing everything she can to just survive.

Overall, it was a good story that kept the reader moving and engaged. I wouldn’t say this is my favorite book in the series but it is a solid read.

An ARC was provided for an honest review.

4 out of 5

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