Monday, November 15, 2010

Lara Adrian - Kiss of Midnight

Midnight Breed Series:
Book 1:

Kiss of Midnight - Lucan Thorne and Gabrielle Maxwell

Kiss of Midnight - Book 1

Kiss of Midnight -- just the name itself brings to mind sizzling passion with of course a dark embrace.  Lara Adrian by far is one of the best paranormal romance novelists and her take on the world of vampires is original and addictive.   The series starts with the story of Lucan Thorne a Breed warrior, sworn to protect his kind and Gabrielle Maxwell an amazing photographer who catches the beauty within images of sorrow.

The concept of the vampire is this series is 7 aliens crash landed on earth and are hyper sensitive to light only able to survive on the blood of humans and are able to mate with a select few woman whose DNA is stronger than most. The women are identified with a crescent moon birthmark somewhere on their body.

The original 7 are no longer destroyed by their half human son’s -- Lucan Thorne being one of them and the leader thus the Breed was created. It’s an interesting concept the idea of vampires being an alien race and steers your imagination into overdrive with possibilities.  The other aspect of this series is that vampires are considering Rogue when they drink too much of a human’s blood also know as bloodlust.. So the balance between good and evil is slim.. Exciting stuff and that’s just the background noise!

Gabrielle Maxwell is introduced after witnessing Rogues murdering someone and reporting it to the police and her friends before her memory of the event could be erased and worst having actual proof with pictures taken on her phone ( Hello - She’s a photographer!!) and that’s when Lucan Thorne comes in, his sole mission to erase her memory and those of her friends before the situation escalates. But like any great novel everything escalates and you are drawn into a story of intrigue and torn passion. If you plan to read this series get some vacation time because once you start you won’t be able to stop!

Review By Jaye P.

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