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JR Ward - Fallen Angels Series

The Fallen Angels Series

The basic concept of this series is the age old battle between good and evil. Each side agreed upon one man who is neither good nor evil. Jim Heron is that man.  Jim lived a life of service as a government assassin in XOps.  There are seven souls in the middle of a cross roads that must make a decision either towards good or towards evil. Jim is supposed to help them along the way to make the right decision.  Jim’s job is made harder while Devina the agent for evil tries everything in her power to sway the outcome in her favor.  Jim does have the help of two angels Eddie a Harley riding bad ass and Adrian a tattooed, pierced ladies man.

Book 1:

Covet- Vin DiPietro and Marie-Terese Boudreau

Lover Mine

Vin DiPietro is a man that came from nothing and made his way in the world.  He is a successful business man who hasn’t always followed the rules and he ALWAYS gets what he wants by whatever means necessary.  Marie-Terese Boudreau made the wrong choice in a man and now is paying the price.  She must do whatever she needs to make ends meet for her and her son. Jim Heron is just trying to get through life without being killed or noticed, he has no idea his life is about to change forever by a meddling Angel named Nigel. Devina is Vin’s current fiancée she is just another beautiful thing that he set out to win and did.  One night out with Jim and Devina, Vin sees Marie-Terese and everything inside him changes. For the first time beyond wanting the next beautiful thing for him to possess and see’s the person past the beauty. Now Vin has a fiancée he no longer really wants and a women who is determined to stay distant from him. The last thing Marie-Terese needs is a man, her life is complicated enough without adding a complicated man to her life.  Jim is there to make sure that Vin makes the right decision, for the fate of all mankind could rest with Vin.

This is a departure from the Black Dagger Brotherhood series so if you enter into this book thinking it’s going to be an extension of the Brotherhood, it’s a lot different. However on that note there are some cameos of characters from the brotherhood in this book, Marie-Terese is actually a semi-regular from the Brotherhood series although Vin and Jim are new. This book will throw you some twists so get ready for an exciting ride!

Book 2:

Crave -  Isaac Rothe and Grier Childe


Isaac Rothe is on the run for his life!  Isaac decided he wanted out of the XOps and Matthias decided that once in the XOps there is no out unless it’s with death.  To earn money Isaac has turned to illegal street fighting, after all he was trained by the best and he used to kill for a living so it’s not a far stretch. When Isaac is caught fighting and arrested he knows it’s only a matter of time before his time is up, there is no way Matthias won’t find him now.  Grier Childe is a high priced blue blooded attorney assigned to Isaac’s case; she is everything that Isaac should not even think about wanting. Talk about out of his league and that’s even without the ax dangling over his head.  Grier has decided that she is going to save Isaac from himself even if it kills her (she does not yet know that trying to save Isaac might just very well cost her life).  When Matthias pays Grier a visit Isaac knows he will do everything in his power including giving his life to make sure she is not collateral damage. 

Over all I liked the novel however it is not a new concept, it is a story that is retold with a few new details such as the battle of good versus evil over a man’s soul.  It is Jim Heron’s duty to make sure that the right decisions are made to save a soul and for good to prevail over evil so that part is different.  While reading the novel I could not help but compare it to the movie “The Killers” with Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl. There are just too many similarities to not make the comparison.  Granted the novel is significantly better then the movie.

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