Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Nora Roberts - Three Sisters Island: Dance Upon Air

Nora Roberts – Three Sister’s Island Series

In the year 1692 during the Salem witch trials three witch sisters (Known as: Air, Earth, Fire) left to avoid persecution. They formed an island where they were safe, but longed for companionship.  Each sister made fatal mistakes and a curse was formed, when the descendents of the Sister’s Three are all on the island once again they each must face their fear and conquers it or the island will disappear back into the ocean.  In the year 2001 the descendents of the Sister’s Three are all once again on the island and danger closely follows now all three women must make the decisions of their lives!

Book 1:
Dance Upon the Air- Zach Todd and Nell Channing

Nell Channing arrives on Three Sisters Island after being on the run for 8 months. She felt compelled to head east from the west coast and to this spot in particular. Nell used to be Helen who is “officially” dead; she died because she was warned that death was the only way she would get rid of her husband of three years. When Nell arrives at Three Sisters she immediately feels at home, she visits the Café Book where she immediately is able to procure a job running the Café as well as a home thanks to the owner of the store Mia, who becomes an instant friend. Mia is like the sister she never had.  It is through Mia that Nell finds out that she is more than just a plain woman, but is also a descendent of the Three and a is a witch.  Zachariah Todd is the Sheriff of Three Sisters Island and his sister Ripley is the Deputy; a Todd has been the Sisters Law Enforcement going back five generations. When Zach sees Nell in the café he is instantly charmed, how could be not be with a smile as wide and genuine as Nell’s.  He decides that he should get to know her better regardless of her feelings on the matter. When Nell learns that Zach is the island Sheriff she decides that he is a man to avoid, she wants no trouble and wants to fly under the radar of the law, after all Nell Channing doesn’t actually exist. Besides romance is the last thing on her mind, she’s just happy to be free and can do anything she wants how she wants.  Zach does not give up and soon a romance blooms, but soon Nell’s past is going to catch up with her. When it does will Nell lose everything she has worked so hard for or even her life, only for real this time…

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