Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Nora Roberts – Heaven and Earth

Three Sister Island:

Book 2:
Heaven and Earth - MacAllister Booke and Ripley Todd

Ripley HATES all things supernatural, she thinks it’s all a crock of … not even when she is alone can she admit what stirs within her. Ripley and Mia used to be the best of friends casting spells together, gossiping, and swimming during the summers, than something happens and Ripley cut herself off from all things magic, including Mia. Now things have been set in motion and Ripley wants no part of a stupid legend. MacAllister Booke LOVES everything supernatural, and since he is filthy rich he can indulge himself to his heart’s content.  That indulgence is what brought him to the island, he heard of the curse and the islands practicing witch. What he didn’t expect was Ripley a headstrong, feisty, opinionated supernatural hater with a lot of power. MacAllister is a self proclaimed geek and proud, so Ripley has no idea why she is so attracted to him, he is so not her usual type. Against her better judgment Ripley decides to engage in a fling with MacAllister while he is on the island, after all this fling has to have an expiration date on it, doesn’t it? As things escalate on the island both regarding her “relationship” with MacAllister and with the curse Ripley must make impossible decisions and she is scared she will make the wrong decisions for everyone involved.

I highly enjoy Ripely and MacAllister!  I love an opinionated, headstrong, smart a** of a woman. One that is not easy intimidated and is usually the intimidator. Ripley is full of fire!  I am also a sucker for a brilliant man who knows how smart he is and if he is sexy, even better!  The clash between Ripley and MacAllister is highly entertaining as they battle for the power position in the relationship. Watching Ripley struggle with herself and her power nail biting, you want her to make the right decision but fear to the very end that she will not be able to. This one comes down to the very wire!

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