Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christine Feehan - Dark Slayer

Carpathian Series:

Dark Slayer: Razvan a Dragonseeker and Ivory Malinov a Carpathian Hunter

Ivory was once the pampered and spoiled sister of 10 warrior brothers. They indulged a young Ivory to be trained as a hunter warrior, never expecting her to ever use her training. Until a young Ivory was captured by the Draven and turned over the to the evil mage Xavier, when she was literally turn apart piece by piece by vampires, somehow she managed to gather the strength to call to the wolves to gather the many pieces of her body and to be buried beneath the earth to heal.  Centuries pass and the wolves are Ivory’s only companions and her sole purpose in life is to kill vampires that cross her path, kill Draven and Xavier.  

Razvan is known as the Carpathian’s biggest traitor known to have turned himself over to Xavier willingly and has feed off of his own sister and daughter as well as raped many Carpathian women. The truth is that Xavier has been possessing Razvan’s body for all those heinous deeds and been torturing him for centuries holding him in the ice caves. Razvan escapes Xavier’s lair but he cannot escape Xavier’s possession. So Razvan thinks to let himself die in the sun to rid the world of his presence.

When Ivory finds Razvan in the snow face down she recognizes what he is trying to do, she does not know why this dragonseeker warrior is trying to kill himself but she does recognize for what he is to her… her lifemate. She grabs Razvan and takes him to her lair to heal.  Once Razvan heals he realizes Ivory is in trouble and immediately sets out to help her. There they find themselves face to face with the new Carpathian prince and the races greatest healer. Somehow the healer and prince talk Razvan into letting them try to remove Xavier’s possession because they recognize that between Ivory and Razvan they may be their greatest hope at ridding the world of his evil. Once Xavier’s possession is moved Ivory and Razvan decide that together they will get their revenge on Xavier and kill him, but they recognize that they may not live through it.

This was another one of my grocery store grab a book of the rack to read finds and I’m glad I choose this book. It is obviously part of a series and one of the most recent of the series but that didn’t really hinder the story at all, so it is able to be a standalone book within the series. So if you read out of order you will not be totally lost. C. Feehan as a writer is very detailed and lyrical; her writing has such a beautiful flow to it. Although sometimes I would mutter to myself just get to the point, but I can be a very impatient, blunt person. The story itself is the usual good versus evil but is different in that both the male and female characters are tortured souls.  Usually the male is the tortured and their lifemate is an innocent gentle soul that can tame the wildness if the tortured. In this story both the male and female characters have been tortured to an inch of their lives and only sheer will power kept them alive.  Together the find solace from their hardships and only each other can truly understand what they had gone through so together they are stronger. I really enjoyed the story and would recommend it to others.

3.5 moons out of 5

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