Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lydia Dare - Tall, Dark and Wolfish

Lykae/Coig Series:
Tall, Dark and Wolfish – Ben Westfield and Elspeth Campbell

Ben has lost a part of himself, his inner wolf. He was told to go to Scotland and look for the rumored healer Roselyn Campbell to heal him and the wolf inside.  Ben is expecting a hag and instead he finds a young beautiful fiery red headed witch Elspeth.  Elspeth has had a hard life growing up the illegitimate daughter of a healer. Dispute the towns distain she never turns anyone away for healing even the handsome wolfish Ben.  He charms her from the start and she is determined to heal him even at dire circumstances to herself.

Ben is the youngest of the Westfield brothers and maybe the most happy go lucky, though he doesn’t feel like he has much to be happy about when he loses his wolf. As a reader you can really fall for Ben, he is handsome, fun and really knows how to charm a girl. He is so dedicated to Elspeth and accepts her for who she is. Elspeth is a sweetheart. Everyone knows that one female that will do whatever she can to make people around her better, but she is no push over and can hold her own with Ben and her “sisters”.  This novel is defiantly a good read and will have you turning pages.

4 moons out of 5

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