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Kresley Cole - Dark Desires after Dusk

Immortals After Dark:

Book 6:
Dark Desires after Dusk - Cade Woede the Kingmaker and Holly Ashwin

Cade has spent his entire 1000 years waiting for his mate and cannot believe his luck when his fated one is a human! Humans are the one faction forbidden to demons because they are just so breakable.  Holly has spent her entire life as a human and a self proclaimed math geek. Left on the doorstep of her adopted parents house she has never suspected that she could be anything but human but when she is abducted by these strange beings with horns she begins to suspect that there is more out there then humans. When Cades human is abducted he is shocked to find out that she is the “Vessel” and half Valkyrie and now his utmost priority is to get her to safety seeing as how every fraction of the Lore is now hunting her! Every 500 years a woman of the Lore is the Vessel and the first born child of her will be a warrior either of pure good or pure evil depending on the father of the child.  So the Lore factions that are considered good cannot let evil get a hold of the Vessel and the evil want her to make a child of pure evil!

Cade is thrilled and yet dismayed that his fated mate Holly is actually half Valkyrie so now he can have her but fate has other plans.  Cade must retrieve the Vessel and hand her over to Groot the Metallurgist a creature of true evil to right a wrong that Cade has been paying for his entire life; the mistake that cost his brother his crown to their kingdom. Cade will do anything to right that wrong even if it means giving up his mate. Cades frustration is so palpable you can almost feel his frustration as he is put in a catch 22 of mythical proportions!. How can he give up and betray the one women given to him to protect yet how can he betray his brother yet again, it is made clear that this is the last chance to win back the crown of the Rage Demons. As Holly and Cade race around the country on their mission Cades emotions become more and more turmoil and his only option is to betray someone -- But the question he cannot seem to answer is who?

Holly is less than thrilled to find out that she is half valkyrie she will do anything to reverse this transformation that is occurring to her including race around the country with this obnoxious demon who keeps pushing her buttons. She is getting stronger and stronger, she no longer needs her glasses and everything in her orderly life is in an uproar.  Everything that Holly has been avoiding her entire life is being thrust onto her and she doesn’t quite know how to cope except hold onto the only thing that is stable in her life at the moment, Cade. Everyone is trying to kill her and she doesn’t want to be the Vessel or be part of this strange new world called the Lore. It is fun to watch Holly try to adapt to everything new and be thrust into the new life. Everything is new to her, you see her get drunk for the first time and you can’t help but remember the first time you yourself got drunk.  Anything sexual is new to her having avoided it for so long, even her computer had blocks to make sure she wouldn’t run across anything sexual! But worry no, Holly is defiantly full passion and that passion is directed at Cade on more than one occasion.

This is a book of passion, new experiences and betrayal! The characters are put in an impossible situation and you hope that it works out for the two of them.  Will Cade turn her over to save his brothers crown or will he save her and let his brother lose his only chance at his crown?  You are kept in suspense of the final decision; have fun reading this new exciting tale in the Immortals after Dark series! 

5 moons out of 5

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