Sunday, January 9, 2011

Kresley Cole - A Hunger Like No Other

Immortals After Dark:

Book 2:
A Hunger Like No Other: Lachlain MacRieve and Emmaline Troy

Lachlain is the long lost king of the Lykae Clan, taken captive by the Horde Vampire Clan for the last 150 years tortured endlessly in the fire pits below the city of Paris, France.  Emma the Timid is the cherished, sheltered and protected half vampire and half valkyrie raised by her valkyrie aunts.  Emma has never seen another Vampire and certainly not one of those animalistic Lykae. Emma is in Paris looking for information on the father she never knew, Lachlain is chained to the fire below the city when he scents Emma and knows she’s his mate. Lachlain severs his leg to escape the pits to get to his fated mate.  Emma is alone and hungry in the city when an enraged beast grabs her and forces her to take him back to her hotel.  Lachlain is enraged that fate would give him a vampire as his fated mate! He decides then and there he will make her pay for all the years that he was held captive by her kind.  Will Emma the Timid’s gentle nature tame the wild beast?

In this book Emma really grows as a character going from Emma the Timid to Emma the King Killer.  Throughout the book you watch as Emma develops a back bone and starts living up to both sides of her heritage.  Using the training her aunts forced on that she never excelled at, no longer is Emma the Timid running from sword practice and avoiding conflict but a true valkyrie in the flesh with silver in her eyes and passion in her heart. By the end of the book you kind of feel like a proud momma watching your little girl grow up and become a woman as she stands up not only to her fierce man but her exceedingly difficult aunts.

Lachlain as a character I am somewhat torn.  As a male that was tortured for 150 years I expected him to be more tortured in mind and spirit. I tend to like my “tortured” males to be more brittle and haunted in spirit except for a couple of rages he seems to keep it together better than you would expect of a man/beast that was kept in the pits of hell for over a century.  As an overbearing over protective lykae he plays the part perfectly. You can’t help but like him and keep hoping he is able to win over Emma in his botched attempts to win her heart. Kresely Cole really helps you get into Lachlain’s character while writing with the Scottish brogue. It is absolutely delicious!

Overall this is a great read; there is plenty of action in and out of bedroom.  You get to watch Emma grow as a women and Lachlain struggle not only to win Emma over but to acclimate to the 21st century that he has been thrust into, having never seen a TV or a car. You are introduced to new characters that you will be seeing in several books to come. And as always you find yourself laughing from Kresley Cole’s humor. I love a book that can make both your heart race from the steamy passion and then turn around and make you laugh.

4.5 moons out of 5

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