Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lynsay Sands- Bite Me If You Can

Argeneau Series:

Book 6:
Bite Me If You Can: Lucian Argeneau and Leigh

Lucian is one of the oldest and crankiest immortals. He was alive with Atlantis was still above ground. As a council member and a hunter of rouge vampire’s life has become tedious, even his family members keep a distance from him. Leigh is a survivor of domestic violence with no family left so she makes her co-workers at her restaurant/bar Coco’s her family. Having survived so much she has a survivor outlook on life so when one night her life is irrevocably changed, she tries to make the best of her new vampire status. When Lucian finds Leigh she is knee deep in rouge vampires, having just been bitten by the leader of the rouges she is about to go through the change and Lucien isn’t sure whether to kill her or help her through the change. When it is decided to let her go through the change Lucien is reluctantly thrust into helping her and all he can think to do is hand her off to someone else, when he can’t find a single other person to hoist Leigh off on he realizes he is stuck in the reluctant role as vampire teacher. When Leigh wakes up she is hungry for more than just food, but for blood. Leigh is not sure what to make of this new life but she knows she is going to make the best of it, she refuses to ever be a victim again. Soon after Leigh wakes up Lucien realizes the horrifying fact that Leigh is his life mate. After thousands of years of being alone he don’t know if he can do the life mate thing and Leigh is not the best bet. She has scars from her ex-husband that go deep and he is not sure if he has the skills to get past that.  Leigh has an undeniable attraction to Lucien, how could you not, he is one fine specimen of male and he has been so kind through this whole thing, but when she finds out that she is his life mate there is no way she is going there again especially after only knowing him a couple of days. She’s been there and done that and barely lived to tell about it.

This was a cute book, there was humor and danger overall it was a pleasure to read. Overall was there anything extra special about the story, not really, but it entertained. Leigh as a victim of DV is believable; you can feel how that experience has affected her life and any future relationships or lack thereof.  For as cranky as Lucien has been in previous books he’s not really that cranky in this book, I expected more of a fight from him, although when he goes to the book store and gets all the books, that was pretty funny. You’ll know what I’m talking about when you read it. ;) Over all this series reminds me of a Jennifer Aniston chick flick, there are a few good laughs, but overall it’s predictable and a good watch but ultimately forgettable.

3 moons out of 5

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