Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Amelia Elias - Hunted

Guardians League Series:

Book 1:
Hunted: Diego Leonides, Patriarch of the Panther Clan and Sian Lazuro


Diego is a Vampire and the Patriarch of the Panther Clan that consists of exactly one member, himself. He is the sole survivor of a massacre of the once mighty Panther Clan. A century ago the council in an attempt to make him settle down and start building his clan up once more decreed that the next woman he takes to his bed will become his bond mate, which started a 100 years of celibacy. A 100 years of celibacy is a long time for a 1000 year old vampire, thankfully he has his Slayer duties as one of the Guardian League tracking down Outcasts each night to keep busy and out of trouble. Sian has been on the run for 3 years from a mobster named Santonyo after she was a key witness in his murder trial. Sian is having a really bad day; Santonyo’s men finally caught up with her again in San Francisco, when she was high tailing it back to her Apt to grab some of her things to leave something pops out of an alley and she hits it head on. The next thing she knows she wakes up in some crazy man’s house. Diego is hunting Outcasts when he is suddenly hit by a MINI cooper that is going entirely too fast down a back alley, he receives some pretty bad damage but the woman who hit him is worse off. He can heal her but he just needs to get him and her home as dawn approaches. When he wakes with Sian wrapped in his arms he looks up and Eli, the head of the Council, is standing at the edge of the bed. Eli pronounces that this mortal woman is in his bed and she is now Diego’s bond mate. Diego is FURIOUS! Now he is stuck with a woman he never wanted for the rest of his too long life and on top of that she is mortal, what is he supposed to do with a mortal female?! When Sian wakes she is terrified that Santonyo found her but almost as bad some gorgeous man she has never met is telling her he is her mate and he is a vampire and he can’t let her leave. Sian is convinced he is certifiable and vows to get out of the house ASAP. After several escape attempts Sian finally starts to finally believe that Diego is really a Vampire but there is no way she is going to buy into this bond mate crap. Diego vows that he will make Sian his but first both Diego and Sian are being hunted by separate entities, will they both even make it out alive?
I highly enjoy this novel, Sian is feisty and a survivor there is no way she is going to let an overbearing alpha male walk all over her. She even manages to escape her “captivity” a few times doing some damage in the process. Kicking major butt! I wouldn’t mind waking up to Diego and finding myself married to him, he has the tall, dark, handsome and not to mention rich going for him! He is just the right amount of domineering to sensitive he really wants to do anything in his power to make Sian happy, how could a woman possibly resist that combo? This is the first in a series of three and I will be eagerly taking up the next book in this series I want more!

4 moons out of 5

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