Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lynsay Sands - A Bite to Remember

Argeneau Series:

Book 5:
A Bite to Remember: Vincent Argeneau and Jackie Morrisey

Vincent has had a string of bad luck with his plays, starting with a few small fires and escalating to his actors being injured and walking out on him. At first he thought it was just accidents but now it has become more serious. Vincent calls his cousin Bastien who in turn sends Vincent; Jackie a Private Investigator Bastien often uses. Jackie dislikes all Immortals/Vampires, having been burned once by a vampire named Cassius she carries a deep seeded prejudgious against the entire race with the possible exception of Bastien who has always treated her as an equal. So when she and her partner Tiny are sent on a job in California to help an immortal she is not a happy camper and is even less happy when she discovers that she is actually attracted to Vincent, in her mind there could be nothing worse! Vincent has seriously been on that fine line of boredom that many immortals find themselves in; he has long since found much pleasure in anything. He has been searching for his lifemate for hundreds of years and has all but given up the hope of ever finding her until Jackie appears on his doorstep and awakens him like none other have accomplished before. When Vincent’s very mortal VP, Stefano is murdered him his office, Vincent feels immediately guilty and turns Stefano not thinking of the ramifications of that action. It is not until later that he realizes that even if he gets Jackie on the same page with him he can’t turn her.  As things heat up Jackie realizes that more than ever she has to find the killer with things escalating the likely hood that it is Vincent is the next victim is high and she doesn’t want to look to deep into why that disturbs her so much!

This book has several twists and turns, through the whole book I thought I had the killer pegged and it turns out I didn’t! I was totally fooled, which doesn’t happen often.  And then there was the problem of how Jackie can be turned if Vincent used up his one turn with Stefano. I was left in suspense with something or other with this book for most of it. There were also fireworks between Jackie and Vincent as she kept denying what she felt. You will not be bored with this novel!

3.5 moons out of 5

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