Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lynsay Sands - Tall Dark and Hungry

Argeneau Series:

Book 4:
Tall Dark and Hungry: Bastien Argeneau and Terri Simpson

Bastien is the problem solver in the family, as head of Argeneau Industries since his father’s death Bastien has become the go to man for any issues that need solving. When Lucern and Kate need somewhere for Kate’s maid of honor/best friend/cousin Terri to stay for the two weeks leading up to the wedding they look to Bastien to house her in his penthouse in NYC. Bastien has no problem agreeing to let Terri stay with him after all there is plenty of room and he doesn’t expect to see her much, he is usually too busy running the company to have time for guests. What Bastien didn’t count on was his intense attraction to Terri and a desire to show her the sites of NYC. When Kate is called on to go to California after her fellow editor C.K. is horribly injured Bastien gets the excuse he needed to spend plenty of quality time showing Terri around the city. When disaster after disaster occurs with the wedding and with poor C.K. Terri and Bastien are thrown together more and more often and an intense attraction between the two ensues. When Bastien finds he can’t read Terri he realizes he has finally found his life mate! Terri has never been so attracted to a man before, not even her late husband so she is overwhelmed with feelings. When Kate starts seeing signs that not is all what it seems with Bastien she jumps to some conclusions and none of them are good for Bastien. Can Bastien overcome Terri’s fears before he loses her forever?

This novel is humorous! All that could go wrong does, and it’s funny to watch this motley crew of characters scramble to fix everything. For once you get to watch a man flounder over wedding decisions and he is totally out of his element! My favorite character from the previous novel C.K. is back in this novel and he is a walking disaster, starting with a falling toilet! You also meet Vincent in this novel, Bastien’s fun loving actor cousin. He adds some flare to this novel. Terri is that female you can’t help but love, she is incredibly caring and selfless. She will endear herself to you and Bastien very quickly. Overall I enjoyed this novel I was looking forward to Bastien’s story and hoped he would find someone worthy of him and I feel like he found his perfect counterpart.

3 moons out of 5

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