Monday, February 28, 2011

Lynsay Sands - Hungry for You

Argeneau Series:

Book 14:
Hungry For You: Cale Argeneau and Alex Willan

At over 2000 years old Cale has given up on ever finding his lifemate, when Marguerite calls him and tells him she just might have someone that will be his lifemate, he is definitely not going to get his hopes up but what can he lose by just meeting the girl? Alex does NOT have time for her sister Samantha’s match making attempts. Alex has 2 weeks until the opening of her restaurant and everything that can go wrong is… The latest mishap is her chef up and quits on her hours before her first restaurant is due to open, there is no way she will be able to find a chef in time for the dinner crowd. When her sister tells her, her latest attempt in a match is a chef Alex jumps at the offer for him to fill in for the time being. Cale cannot believe that Samantha told her sister that he can cook, he hasn’t even eaten in over 2000 years! But when he arrives at the restaurant and can’t read Alex he knows he can’t screw this up!

Alex is the last of the Willan sisters and she measures up to the other two sisters! I really liked her as a character, a total sweetheart with lots of drive and I have a soft spot for creative types. J Cale is an interesting character he has no idea how to woo a woman and everything for him is riding on his being able to win Alex over and he definitely flounders in parts but that just makes him all the more endearing. There are several attempts on Alex’s life as the restaurant opening date grows closer so the novel brings in some mystery; it’s another case of “who done it”! There is plenty going on to keep your interest in this novel, I would definitely recommending you to check it out.

3.5 moons out of 5

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