Monday, February 28, 2011

Lynsay Sands - The Renegade Hunter

Argeneau Series:

Book 11:
The Renegade Hunter: Nicholas Argeneau and Josephine Willan

Ever since Jo’s sister Samantha shacked up with Mortimer she has been parading men in front of her and her other sister and all the men stare at their foreheads and then walk away. It is the weirdest thing ever, too bad all the men are gorgeous!  She is at one of those slightly humiliating “parties” of her sisters when she goes outside only to be tackled by some man with horrendous breath.  Right on his heels is the most breathtakingly handsome man she has seen who tackles the bad breath man probably saving her life. Nicholas is a rogue vampire because of the biggest mistake of his entire life. He went a little crazy after his life mate’s death and woke up with a human woman’s blood all over him, the only thing he can assume is that he killed her and he has been on the run for the last 5o years. When Nicholas tracks a rogue vampire to the new hunter compound he knows it is risky but he has to go in after him. When he sees the vampire tackle a beautiful woman he knows it is now or never and he has to get to her before it is too late. When Nicolas can’t take control over her to move her out of harms way he is distracted and loses the rogue vampire and just as bad his fight drew attention to him and the hunters manage to capture him and throw him in a cell. There is NO way Jo is going to let the very handsome captivating man that rescued her be captured because he saved her so she breaks him out. Knowing that Nicolas is not going to be able to stay away from Jo they put a tail on her. Only problem is the rogue vampire with the bad breath is after her so Nicolas is staying near her and the hunters are staying on Jo to capture Nicolas and Jo is in the middle of it all….

I heart Jo! She is feisty, loyal, funny and smart which is a great combo. Her unwavering belief in her man may be the only thing that saves his life!  Nicholas is so touching; his grief for his past mistakes and the loss of his wife certainly makes you so sympathic to his cause to save his life and to be with Jo. After all he has been through you really want that for him. There is plenty of action with the rogue after Jo, the hunters after Nicholas and everyone chasing everyone else.

4 moons out of 5


  1. I just finished "Immortal Hunter" which left me hanging about Stephanie (Dani's younger sister), who I have a feeling ends up with Justin as a lifemate, just guessing. The end of the book says to read "Renegade Hunter" for answers about Stephanie, but all the reviews for it I've read are really bad. You've read it and so I'll ask... I'm wondering if maybe I should just ask if my guess is right about Justin and Stephanie and not waste my time reading it. Sounds like you liked the book, which is the first positive review I've read of it. A lot of other people talked about no plot, no ending and a lot of borrowed scenes from other books and that they didn't like Nicholas even as a character, also that their pretty much locked in a "jail/bedroom" for most of the book and then just all the sudden released and Nicholas is proclaimed innocent. You won't hurt my feelings for deleting this comment, especially since it contains potential spoilers for others, but if you could post your thoughts or reply in a comment first and then delete both, I should get your comment back via email. Thanks in advance.

  2. YOu dont really find anything out about Stephanie until the most recent book the Reluctant Vampire which was the lastest in the series. I know there was a novella out there that I didnt read, which I heard wasnt very good so I didnt read it. The Reluctant Vampire is based around Stephanie but being she is so young there are no hints about a life partner. But you find out a lot of other stuff about her that is somewhat surprising. I still have to write up my review on that book. I'm WAY behind on my reviews.

    You find out why Nicholas was proclaimed innocent in the book after that one (Born to Bite, which is a snooze fest). I didnt have a problem with the ending bc I had read Born to Bite before this one so i knew what happened. If I hadn't I probably would have been upset by that as well. So I guess knowing what happens next helped me out with this book.

    ps. I wont delete your comment. =)