Monday, February 28, 2011

Lynsay Sands - Rogue Hunter

Argeneau Series:

Book 10:
The Rogue Hunter: Garrett Mortimer and Samantha Willan
Garrett is starting to feel every one over 800 of his years. When his job as a hunter sends him and his partner Bricker out to the boonies he is less than enthused, but he has a job to do. When they get to the lake to stay at one of their co-workers lake house the power is out and they discover there is a trio of what looks like sister staying next door. There is one sister in particular that seems slightly intriguing to Mortimer but he doesn’t think much else about it as they have a job to do. Samantha and her sister are extremely close and they always take a trip out to the lake whenever the three of them can get together in their busy lives. Samantha is a consummate workaholic, she killed herself in law school and is now working every bit as hard in her prestigious law firm trying to make partner so this trip is much needed. When Mortimer discovers that he can’t read Samantha he is appalled, he always thought when he met his life mate she would be more like Jessica Rabbit with lush curves and less like Olive Oil all skin and bones. When Mortimer starts paying attention to Samantha she is confused, skinny girls like her don’t attract handsome muscled men like him! The more time Mortimer spends with Samantha the more he discovers that he likes. When Samantha boss calls her on vacation to try to locate their largest clients 20 year old daughter 2 hours away Mortimer volunteers to go with her. When they get there Mortimer is concerned that there may be more to this disappearance then meets the eye and he may have stumbled upon their rogue…

Samantha is smart and funny and you can see why she would draw Mortimer even though she is on the skinny side. It is fun to watch as Mortimer rediscovers life’s passions; he goes from cranky and boring to warm and funny.  The banter between the vampire men and the sister is genuinely funny and you will find yourself laughing. The book can drag in spots but for the most part is a quick and funny read.

3 moons out of 5

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