Monday, February 28, 2011

Lynsay Sands - The Immortal Hunter

Argeneau Series:

Book 11:
The Immortal Hunter: Decker Argeneau and Dr. Danielle McGill
Danielle and her younger sister have been captured and taken deep into the woods by some dangerous deranged lunatics!  She is seriously worried for both of their lives, when she looks over the edge of the cliff she is standing before there are bodies of other young girls and she knows that is to be her fate… when fate intervenes.  Decker is seriously skeptical when the rogue Vampire and his cousin Nicolas tells him there is a pod of rogue no fanger Vampires nearby and he has to get there ASAP before more girls are killed. But more scared what would happen if what Nicolas says is true and he ignores the warning he grudgingly agrees to go with; when they get to the spot in the woods Decker is surprised that Nicolas was not lying and two women are about to be brutally killed. Decker saves one girl and Nicolas goes after the other which separated them, but that is a worry for later.  Danielle is about to be shot and dumped in the ravine when some man takes a bullet meant for her, before she can check on him she sees her sister being dragged out of the forest, so Danielle charges after her. Fearing for the woman Decker takes after her and is surprised when he cannot control her to bring her back to safety. Danielle doesn’t know what to do her sister was taken and these men might be the only way to get her sister back, so she agrees to go with them after all one did take a bullet for her. When it becomes clear that the captured no fangers father wants his sons back and takes Danielle things really heat up…

This story has plenty of action! Danielle is not a female to bow down and let men handle things she is definitely a take charge sort of woman and does not take shit from any of the men. She is a force to be reckoned with! Decker is a great match for Danielle, he has a backbone and won’t let her walk all over him, and she is a strong woman and needs a strong man which he is. This novel will keep the pages turning non-stop there is plenty going on to keep you interested.

4 moons out of 5

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