Monday, March 21, 2011

Anya Bast - Wicked Enchantment

Dark Magick Series:

Book 1:
Wicked Enchantment: Gabriel Mac Braire and Aislinn Finvarra

Aislinn as a documented pure blooded Seelie Fae has resided in the Rose Tower all of her life, but Aislinn has been hiding a secret… a dark secret. Gabriel is a half incubus Unseelie Fae who has “tired” of life in the Unseelie court and is trying to defect to the Seelie court. Aislinn has just come off a very public and very humiliating break up to a man that has used her to further his place in court and now the Rose Queen has demanded that Aislinn become Gabriel “guide” into the Seelie court.  Aislinn wants nothing to do with Gabriel, which certainly throws him for a loop.  Gabriel is used to woman throwing themselves at him, so he has to resort to actually seducing the delectable Aislinn the old fashioned way, by getting to know her. Gasp! You see Gabriel’s intentions are not exactly honorable; he is actually on a mission to bring Aislinn to the Unseelie court.  It is suspected that she is not a pure blooded Seelie like everyone thought, but actually a very powerful Unseelie, with the Kings blood flowing through her veins. Gabriel is able to throw enough discontent with the Seelie court for Aislinn that after he leaves to go back to the Unseelie court, but little did either of them know that the King was really out to kill her, for her power threatens his very throne. It looks very unlikely that these two will make it out alive, so they better enjoy each other while they still can.

I thoroughly enjoy this series! I read this book after I read the second one in the series so it better explained some of the things I didn’t have a firm grasp on from the 2nd book, so where as you don’t have to read in order, I would recommend it. Aislinn as a woman grows amazingly, from a quiet discontent Seelie piece of fluff to a fierce, confident, powerful woman!  She takes a hold of her destiny and fights for what is right.  Gabriel is SMEXY! You know that man that you know you should not mess with but just can’t seem to help yourself? That’s him! Being half incubus you just know he can put all of those talents to good use and he does. What you don’t expect is for him to fall for Aislinn, Gabriel is not the type to fall, but he does and hard. But Aislinn seriously makes him work for it! Their courtship is not an easy one.  It is fraught with danger at every turn. They don’t just have to worry about losing their hearts; they have to worry about losing their heads as well.


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