Sunday, March 20, 2011

Anya Bast - Cruel Enchantment

Dark Magick Series:

Book 2:
Cruel Enchantment: Aeric O’Malley “the Blacksmith” and Emmaline Gallagher

Emmaline was once the most feared of the Seelie Fae, her mastery of “glamour” allowed her to become anyone. From a young age the Seelie Queen raised and molded Emmaline to be the perfect assassin and she was until an assignment went horribly wrong. That is when Emmaline left the Fae world and lived among humans for the next 300+ years. There is no one Aeric hates more than Emmaline Gallagher, after she killed his fiancé over 300 years ago he has lived for revenge.  After all her time living among humans and working with the HFF, she is now on a critical mission that will bring her right into the lion’s den and straight to Aeric. Aeric is the only blacksmith that can charm metal with his Magick, which is why Emmaline needs his help forging a key that is a critical piece of the puzzle to help free the Fae from their imprisonment in Piefferburg.  When Emmaline enters Piefferburg for the first time she expects that her strong glamour will protect her from Aeric’s wrath, but as soon as she steps into Piefferburg, he knows and takes her captive fully intent on his revenge. What he didn’t count on was his attraction to her or the doubt that enters his mind about what happened that night that changed Emmaline and Aeric’s lives forever. Can Emmaline convince Aeric to help her or will his thirst for revenge overcome everything else including helping all of Fae kind?

I picked this book on a whim at the local Borders that is closing (50% off you can’t beat it). L  It is the second book in the series and I had not yet read the first book. This is a standalone within a series but there are some things in the book that it really would have been better if I had read the first book before this one. It would really help with some of the terminology and back story. That being said, I really enjoyed this book. I have read A. Bast’s elemental witches series so I know I enjoy Bast’s writing but I have to say I think I may like this book even better than the elemental witches series which I also really enjoyed. Piefferburg is like a whole another world onto itself, all the Fae are smashed into this little piece of earth and they all have to make it work somehow. Emmaline is an interesting combination of innocent, yet hard. She has to do a lot of things she was not proud of to survive early in her life but somehow maintained a certain amount of innocence in the process.  The one thing that Emmaline regretted most was killing Aeric’s intended wife, she never wanted to hurt him and sacrificed a lot to minimize that hurt. Aeric is not the sort that does anything in half measures! When he loves he LOVES, when he hates, he HATES! Aeric has to go through a lot of self reflection within the novel, he realizes he can hold onto his anger it’s certainly is justified but he could miss out on the rest of this life if he does. Aeric is the strong not so silent type, you know what he is thinking and feeling, there is no guessing, which is quite refreshing. The chemistry between Aeric and Emmaline is explosive, they are constantly fighting each other but in between that fighting are moments of pure lust! I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will be going back to read the first in the series and already pre-ordered the third book out on April 5th!


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