Thursday, March 10, 2011

Christine Feehan - Hidden Currents

Drake Sisters Series:

Book 7:
Hidden Currents: Elle Drake and Jackson Deveau

Elle is under deep cover as Sheena MacKenzie, she is to discover if Stavros Gratsos; a Greek multimillionaire, is guilty or innocent of human trafficking. Elle is almost convinced that he is innocent when he takes her captive on his island. What is worse is that Stavros seems to have his own gifts and has managed to block all magical abilities on his island. Elle as the seventh of seven she has all the gifts and has formidable power that she cannot tap into. Elle is used to feeling all her power running through her and now she is completely defenseless against a monster who repeatedly raps and beats her into submission for what he says is for her own good. Jackson is the Deputy in Sea Haven and when he was taken captive all those years and tortured to an inch of his life it was Elle in his head that got him through the experience and it was her that helped him escape. Now Elle, the love of his life, has been taken captive and he can’t get to her mentally, their mental connection has never been blocked before, but he knows with every fiber of his being that she is still alive. When during a storm Jackson and her sisters are able to get through the barrier Jackson is able to connect with Elle in her mind once again only to see as she sees the torture she is enduring and he knows that she is almost broken, if they don’t get to her and soon there will be nothing left of the real Elle. He is able to connect with her long enough to find the island and within days they are ready to get Elle out. Jackson is merciless in his pursuit of getting Elle out of that hell and to kill Stavros. Jackson gets Elle out but Stavros manages to get away. Upon her rescue Elle doesn’t know how she’ll be able to go on with her life, if it wasn’t for Jackson she didn’t know how she would be able to go on. Even though she has been rescued she is still not safe, Stavros, will never let her go and has been striking out against her psychically and this time she may not be able to fight him off.

The horrors that Elle went through are atrocious, it was a miracle that she was able to keep her mind intact.  At one point Elle is finally about to crack and commit mental suicide and then suddenly Jackson is there in her mind, somehow able to help keep her hold on long enough until he can rescue her. Through Elle’s recovery Jackson is her rock, no one else would have been able to understand what she was going through. Through the series Jackson is the silent brooding deputy and in this novel you see a whole other side to him that surprises even Elle, who has spent a lot of time in his brain.  Elle is the mysterious sister the one that is to carry on the line and has the gift and the burden of all the gifts that can tend to overwhelm, but with that she has a lot of inner strength, strength that gets her through something that no person should ever have to go through. There is plenty of action with Stavros slapping out at the sisters. Although you never really know if his gifts are like Hannah’s controlling the elements or if he is like Elle and has all the gifts, but I am more inclined to think he is more like Hannah. Also something I wondered about through most of the series that never got answered is how in the world did Elle know to reach out to Jackson when he was being held captive, is there some sort of telepathy signals like a radio station for other telepaths? I mean really how did she find him and reach out to him, when they had never met before. And what exactly are Jackson’s gifts, there was a very brief mention that he had more than just telepathy. C. Feehan definitely leaves some unanswered questions but it doesn’t really take away from the story, but keeps you thinking of the novel well after you’re finished.

4.5 moons out of 5

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