Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lora Leigh - Maverick

Elite Ops Series:
Book 2:

Maverick: Micah Sloan and Risa Clay

8 years ago Risa was kidnapped from her own home by her own father, to be rapped and injected with Whore Dust a date rape drug, upon rescue she was thrown in an institution again by her father where he and another man continued to experiment a new version of Whores Dust on her for two years. Upon her father’s death she was finally rescued from the institution with the knowledge of the man who raped and injected poison into her veins buried deep in her mind. 6 years ago an hired assassin called Orion, killed Ariela Abijah leaving behind her husband Garren and her son David, within 6 weeks Garren was dead, and David carried on to avenge his mother until he too was “killed” by Orion, when David had finally caught to him. Out of David’s death rose Micah Sloan who signed on with the Elite Ops to carry on his vengeance.  Present day, Risa has started remembering things she preferred left forgotten and the man that tortured her all those years ago has started getting nervous and brought in Orion to take care this “problem”.  For Micah to get his revenge he needs Risa and for Risa to stay alive she needs Micah, thrown together the sparks start to fly despite the danger to both of them.

Lora Leigh certainly knows how to pull you into a story and to make the characters really come alive to feel what they feel. Risa will probably be one of those female characters that you remember long after you have finished the book or the series. Her pain, strength and determination is truly admirable, memorable and believable. I’ve read a lot of books where the female is hurt in some sort of way and is now emotionally scarred but I can’t recall it ever being so believable and heartbreaking. Her journey to recovering herself as a young woman is so touching and real, at times she will bring tears to your eyes and you’ll want to kill her father (all over again) and anyone else that has hurt her right along with Micah. Micah is the perfect person for Risa, he sees through everything to the woman within, her inner beauty shines through to him. Micah more than other one person helps Risa through her recovery, he helps her to find her outer beauty along with her inner beauty. What I like so much about Lora Leigh’s writing is her female characters have such an inner strength and a grace about them without shoving the “woman power” message down your throat and making you roll your eyes.  Like her characters it is done with subtly and grace. Her males are total delish Alpha Males just made for protecting their woman and Micah is no exception to this. I would definitely recommend this book and series to anyone!

5 moons out of 5

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