Thursday, March 10, 2011

Christine Feehan - Magic In the Wind

Drake Sisters Series:

Book 1:
Magic In the Wind: Sarah Drake and Damon Wilder

Damon Wilder is considered the smartest man on the planet, he has designed the national defense system, there are many that would kill to have what is in Damon brain, and have. After Damon’s and his assistant capture and torture Damon barely made it out alive with his life, his assistant was not so lucky. With guilt in his heart and pain in his body Damon decided to retire to Sea Haven, there was something about the small town on the coast of Northern California that called to him. All around town there are whispers of Sarah’s return to Sea Haven; most whispers are of awe and love with the fantastical thrown in. Damon decides he must meet this Sarah. Sarah, has missed her home town, Sea Haven has always been in her heart and that of her ancestors. For a 100 years Drake women have lived and loved in Sea Haven and as the first born Drake sister she has inherited special gifts, gifts of magic and the first to fall to the prophecy of the Drake sisters. Only the man of her destiny will the house accept and the gate open for, when Damon walks through the opened gate and straight into her home Sarah realizes she has meet the man of her destiny but that does not mean she has to accept it.

This novel is the opening to the series; it is short and fast paced. I did find that it did leave some questions, what exactly is the prophecy and what “talents” does each sister have. I am left somewhat confused. Other than that the story is face paced and action packed. Sarah manages the impossible and teaches the man who knows everything a few things about life and himself. Damon is delightfully cranky and Sarah is wise and can tame the beast. You will look forward to what the prophecy has in store for the rest of the sisters!

3 moons out of 5

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