Thursday, March 10, 2011

Christine Feehan - Twilight Before Christmas

Drake Sisters Series:

Book 2:
Twilight Before Christmas: Kate Drake and Matt Granite

Kate has finally returned home! She is a bestselling author and has travelled the world, she is ready to be home and to settle down, convert the local abandoned mill into a local bookstore and cafĂ©. She is out riding when Matt Granite a former Army Ranger and her long time crush crashes his truck several feet from her. The minute Matt sees Katie he turns into a blathering idiot, from the first time he saw her he has been unable to keep his head about him. This most current time is the third time he has wrecked his truck upon seeing her, and this time he is determined to keep his head about him and win Katie. While serving his country as an Army Ranger thoughts of her at times were the only thing that kept him sane and alive, alive to get home to see her once again. Now that Katie is home Matt needs to find a way to spend more time with her and he finds that with converting her Mill, as her contactor he would have to spend lots of time with her and she’ll get her dream store. Win – Win! While the two are exploring her mill they break open a seal and something is released into Sea Haven and it is wreaking havoc on all the citizens and causing great disturbances especially to anything having to do with Christmas. Now Katie and her special gifts may be the only thing that can save Sea Haven and Christmas, but there is no way Matt is going to let her fight this danger alone.

Katie is a gentle soul, she is so compassionate and her gift is to be able to calm those around her. Katie has always felt that she was the boring sister, more content to curl up with a book than anything else she has been an observer of life. Matt has always rushed straight into life, not content to observe but to be right smack in the middle. Katie doesn’t think she can keep the attention of a man such as Matt, Matt is just as sure that he can’t live without Katie and her gentle ways. I can totally relate to Katie, I’ve always been more of one to be curled up with a book than to be bungee jumping of a bridge. I love people watching and observing what is going on around me, it’s one of my great pleasures. Matt is a man’s man, military and a contractor! Does it get to be a better combo? Very sexy! His love for Katie shines through his every movement and action, any woman would be lucky to have a man like Matt beside them.

4 moons out of 5

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