Thursday, March 10, 2011

Christine Feehan - Safe Harbor

Drake Sisters Series:

Book 5:
Safe Harbor: Hannah Drake and Jonas Harrington

Hannah is one of the world premier Supermodels! The exterior of Hannah hides a woman who is painfully shy, so shy that if it wasn’t for the boosts that her sisters give her there would be times that she wouldn’t be able to leave the house. Hannah has always been the favorite of all the sisters, despite the shyness there is a core of steel and a certain mischievousness, which is always evident whenever their childhood friend (and Hannah’s secret love) and the local sheriff Jonas is around.  Jonas has always loved Hannah, for as long as he could remember it’s always been her. He is insanely jealous that the entire world gets to see her scantily clad on the covers of all the magazines. To cover his inability to claim Hannah as his own he takes unnecessary risks with his life, working for his former commander when he was a Ranger. This last mission went horribly wrong and without Hannah’s assistance with the element him and Jackson would not have made it out alive as it was he ended up with another bullet wound, but he did manage to get away. Somehow this last mission changed everything between Hannah and Jonas, for the first time Hannah and Jonas have been able to come together as more than childhood friends but as lovers. When Hannah goes on her next modeling assignment, she is brutally attacked, repeatedly stabbed by a madman with a knife. If the strange and enigmatic Ilya Prakenskii had not been at the scene Hannah would not have made it long enough for her sister to get there to heal her. Now after the attack Hannah’s entire world has crashed down around her, scarred from the knife slashes there is no way she can return to modeling and she is sure that once Jonas sees her he won’t want her anymore either.  Jonas almost lost his heart when Hannah was attacked there is nothing that will keep him from her again not even Hannah, he is determined that they will get through this together, but the threat to Hannah is still out there…

Hannah’s story is so touching; her struggle to regain herself is so real. I can’t even imagine going through an attack like the one she survived, and coming out of it with as much sanity as she did. Hannah really does have an inner strength that she never realized that she had. There is one part where all of Hannah’s sister wrote her a letter and put in a book for her and I swear I teared up and had an overwhelming desire to call my own sister just to tell her I loved her. There is so much love and power in the bond between sisters. The way Jonas stuck by Hannah’s side and helped her through everything really showed the strength of a good man, a man that loves the woman inside and not the face. Through all the books before this one you really hope these two would finally come together and you are definitely happy when it finally does! Now all these two have to do is survive the attacks on Hannah’s life.

4 moons out of 5

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