Thursday, March 10, 2011

Christine Feehan - Dangerous Tides

Drake Sisters Series:

Book 4:
Dangerous Tides: Libby Drake and Tyson Derrick

Libby is an Empath and a doctor; she does not have a mean bone on her body. The nature of her gift allows her to heal but it can be at a great cost to both herself and her sisters. If she attempts to heal something so massive it could kill her as well as her beloved sisters. Ty is one of the greatest minds; he has already won the Nobel Prize in medicine, and is determined to fix a new treatment to help in the fight against cancer, only it has a deadly side effect in teens. Ty comes from a very wealthy family but because of his intelligence he has always been disconnected from his family and not all he has left is his cousin which has taken on a lot of burden due to Ty’s forgetfulness. When Ty and his cousin are on a rescue mission of a young teen trapped down by the ocean Ty’s support snaps and he is dropped onto the rocks suffering a huge brain trauma. Libby is in the hospital when Ty is brought in; since she was a young girl she has always been fascinated with Ty and his huge brains, so when she sees him in his comatose state she is compelled to heal him. The healing of Ty came at a great cost and Libby almost lost her life in the process, if it hadn’t been for her sister, mom and aunt she would have died. When Ty comes to Libby she is still healing and somehow he manages to finagle a date out of her. Ty does not believe in magic and thinks Libby’s whole family has her brain washed, there is no scientific basis for magic, and therefore it cannot exist. Despite Libby’s crack pot family he has decided she is the one for him and he will be able to break her belief in magic. But when unexplainable things keep happening around Libby and her sister’s maybe he is the one that needs to come around in his thinking. During his courtship of Libby both his and her lives have been threatened, will they be able to figure out who is trying to kill them before the killer succeeds?

Libby is so tender hearted and has patience for years, there is no way I’d be able to deal with a man like Ty. Lol! He is constantly forgetting things, missing dates, and his people skills are zero, he keeps insulting Libby and her beliefs. I think I would have smacked him after the first time he insulted her and her family legacy, but not Libby her compassionate and patient nature allow her to look beyond that to the man inside. Ty might be forgetful but he is loyal to an extreme and full of a desire to love and be loved. There is a twist in this story you won’t see coming, at least I didn’t! There is also plenty of action to keep you from getting bored.

3.5 moons out of 5

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